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Currently, I think of myself as a writer and a journalist. My next goal is to be an attorney. As a writer I like delving into abstract ideas and trying to wrap my mind around complexities that are neither black nor white.

During this past semester I have been in a literature class called "Women in the South." We read literature that is written by Southern women that focuses on race and gender relations. The reason I mention this particular course is because I feel like my fellow classmates and I grapple with countless thoughts and ideas about the novels we read, yet we never reach definite conclusions. We constantly throw our opinions at each other, but no one ever wins the debate. There are no clear answers to the questions we seek. Much like the law, decisions cannot be made without examining the grey areas. However, I so enjoy the struggle and the search that I want to continue exploring complex issues that involve the law

On the other hand, as a journalist I am good at bypassing the abstract and getting straight to the facts. My undergraduate degree is in journalism and I have learned how to be a good journalist through practical experience with three daily newspapers and Y'all magazine, as well as in the classroom. I observe everything around me, from the exciting to the mundane, and pinpoint the newsworthiness. This ability comes from working on a deadline, and knowing the words I write will convey the story to the reader

I love being a journalist. I have covered everything from Oxford, Mississippi's Board of Alderman meetings to profiles on local women entrepreneurs and country superstars. Each story I write gives me a chance to learn something new and interesting and essentially teach this information to my readers

I think I am well suited to pursue a legal education because I can weed through cloudy details to get to the main issues. I am good at extensive research, listening, interviewing, taking good notes, and simply being keenly aware of the world around me. The tools I have acquired as a journalist will help me communicate concisely and clearly in law school

I am especially interested in Mercer Law School because of the highly regarded Legal Writing Program. Although I have my own writing experience to offer Mercer, I also have much to learn about legal writing. I want to find myself in a career that is continually stimulating, and I believe a career in the law will be demanding and rewarding. I always envisioned myself in a profession of service to my community. This sounds like a lofty, if not a very general goal

However I am a very practical person, and I know I cannot save the world single-handedly, and I think being a lawyer is a noble way to serve the community

Currently I work as a runner for a law firm, and I see the work that attorneys do for their clients, and how it affects their lives

Whether it is worker's compensation or drafting a will, I see them assisting their clients by performing a task they could not do on their own. The work they do makes someone else's problem or situation simpler and more manageable. I see them leave the office late in the afternoon or evening, and they look tired, but they look content. I know that I will be successful in law school and in the legal profession. I am a driven student, and I will push myself through law school in order to make myself into a trusted and respected attorney.

While I do know that I want to be an attorney, I have yet to decide what area I want to be my focus. As a journalist I have become very civic-minded and I know that I want to continue my community involvement. I think Mercer's Woodruff curriculum will be perfect for me because it will help me find my focus and learn about all aspects of the law.

While I am a natural blonde, my decision to attend law school was in no way influenced by Reese Witherspoon, or her character Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde. My decision to pursue a legal education is not to chase down an ex-boyfriend; I have always known I would go into the field of law.

As a journalism student at the University of Mississippi my study of law to this point has been as a steward of the media. The last year has provided great opportunity for me to learn how the media covers legal affairs. While I realize that the high-profile legal battles like the Scott Peterson trial or class action law suits against pharmaceutical companies may have lured other people my age to pursue a career in the legal business I am drawn to the profession for a different reason

The reason, I simply want to help others. I am more interested in aiding families secure their futures, and helping small businesses, like my fathers, operate without the fear of legal repercussions

I don't want to be famous; I don't want to have a trial on court TV. I just want to help honest people operate within the legal boundaries of our society.

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a bit too long!

i thought that this was written by a journalist, the paragraphing isn't very good. appeared quite immature although the content was very good i was put off by the structure.

Your paragraphing and layout

Your paragraphing and layout isn't very effective and I don't think the referrence to 'legally blonde' and the colour of your hair entirely irrelevent. Maybe leave that bit out

descriptive ps, at the same

descriptive ps, at the same time, very very long. remember if ur applying through ucas u can only have 4000 characters with spaces, and you have approximately 9000+! also a limit of 47 lines is required ... you have 130! cut a lot of chunks out n push it all together a little bit. ohhh and ... "While I am a natural blonde, my decision to attend law school was in no way influenced by Reese Witherspoon, or her character Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde. My decision to pursue a legal education is not to chase down an ex-boyfriend; I have always known I would go into the field of law" Cut that out, it doesnt sound professional hun.
hope this has helped! btw what unis are u applying to??

try ending all your

try ending all your paragraphs with full stops and scrap the "legally blonde" part.

They seem to be American, are

They seem to be American, are they applying to an English Uni?

If not their application system may differ.

This is sooo American

This is sooo American

I dont actually like this PS.

I dont actually like this PS... you're menat to convince that admissions tutor that you are inetersted in law!!

I got bored after the first 2 paragraphs

First line is a brilliant

First line is a brilliant opening!

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