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I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Years of developing my intellectual capacity for my academic interests, wanting to hold privilege jobs and leadership positions in the future, I have a sense of purpose and unwavering dedication in doing the most with the opportunities available.

Lawyers have been my enduring inspiration. The present world is a very complex place and some, who do not recognise the inner workings of a system can be bowled over onto the right track by someone who knows the ropes better, the lawyers, the experts at navigating the confusing day-to-day living.

Minute adjustments in the position and condition of the corpse might prove to be conclusive as to client's innocence or guilt in a murder investigation. Law is plunging into depth of detail, and for me, it would be captivating to work in an area where I can make a positive impact upon people.

I have a well-established record of outstanding success in extra-curricular activities,causing my achievements to become more credible. Having worked at a city firm of solicitors, specialising in commercial litigation, conveyancing and matrimonial Law, it gave me a usefulinsight into not just the ordinary and routine aspects of work for lawyers but how law is applied and the legal process in practice. I observed client consultations, I had an attempt to draft legal documents and largely, proofreading various letters.

In addition, I have visited a number of cases at the Crown, Magistrates and County Courts at available time as a reflection of my deep and passionate interest. I am a regular reader of "The Lawyer" and currently at No. 3 on the leaderboard at for my "Lawyer instinct".

I have attended an intensive PreLaw course in Oxford, run by a team of barristers and solicitors. This enlightened me to the complexities, yet the benefits of pursuing a Law degree; presenting legal and ethical dilemmas, the cross-examination and the life of a Lawyer.

Alongside my enthusiasm for the Law, I have committed to numerous, Law-related activities within my Sixth-Form College, such as, participating in the Debating Society, the National Youth Parliament and lastly, proposing a position as the prosecuting barrister in the National Bar Mock Trial Competition. I have also spoken to the Polish President which was an intriguing experience. I find myself a successful student in education, and in enrichments. However, I wish to increase this extensive variety of activities and experience a mini-pupillage.

My non-academic interests scope from Bharatnatyam dancing (Indian Classical dancing) to reading fiction. I also take pleasure in swimming from an early age, playing the piano and attending drama club, all of which has taught me to become a social individual as well as a highly determined student.

Currently studying a wide range of A-Level courses will enable me to become an all-rounded lawyer. Mathematics increases my logic, Sociology helps me understand the workings of the social system around us, Chemistry gives me analytical, scientific and practical skills and lastly, the English Language course sharpens my written and oral skills.

For no one, no matter how self-sufficient and academically gifted, it is not easy to go through the toughness of being a lawyer. Having the aptitude to cope, I believe I will be a thriving woman for this upcoming generation in the law. Unlike many applicants of the law, I have acknowledged the drawbacks of what I am delving into from first-hand experience and research I have acquired, to make a well-informed decision. However, it had strengthened my resolve to read law, rather than to retreat.

In the end, life is not about aiming for perfection. It is about how my accomplishments can benefit the lives of others, and prevailing in even the most difficult of circumstances in order to realise the true rewarding feeling that's greatly satisfying.

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This personal statement was written by jkaria for application in 2008.

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I have got into Southampton, Leicester and Liverpool. Waiting for Warwick's reply. Any comments will be valueable!


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absolutely brilliant, can't

absolutely brilliant, can't fault it at all. good luck to you!

wow thats a really good

wow thats a really good personal statement! excellent!

really good i thought. Why

really good i thought. Why did LSE reject you? I'm scared now! What other universities did you apply for ?

This statements excellent

This statements excellent.However if i had to be critical about it, I would say you havent mentioned a lot of things that universities, especially lse, are looking for(check out their website on advice for personal statements).Basically they want to know what did you gain from your experiences, eg communication/teamwork skills etc How it made you develop as a person and how that will help you as a student at their institute and more over a good lawyer in the future.

Also, again if i had to be critical, Id comment about the experiences you have mentioned eg meeting the polish president.You havent said what you accomplished from this.You could have elaborated on it more and said that it helped you build confidence in interacting with people from different social/racial backgrounds which is important in attorney etc etc

But well done for getting into the other universities! Dont be disheartened about LSE, they do tend to be very selective and jus be happy about the offers you have been made from other top universities! Congrats!

i think this personal

i think this personal statment is perfect it has a fantastic ending as well as a beginning, thankyou for posting it has helped out a lot!

I dunno, the cheesiness of

I dunno, the cheesiness of this statement brings it down for me personally, but other than that, I cannot fault it.

The lawyer-related puns were

The lawyer-related puns were very corny, and they put me off... very impressive extra curricular activities, but the English you use is positively shocking; is it never a good idea to use long words unless you are certain that they are not only appropriate, but also the best word to express what you want to say.

WOW!!! this is brilliant, i

WOW!!! this is brilliant, i think every uni should accept you well i would if it was me lol!!

the i tell the truth and

the i tell the truth and nothing but the truth is corny, never joke in a personal statement, you may try be fun in an interview but i wouldn't risk it. Always look professional, this isn;t mickey mouse course, that first line has really put me off to carry on reading your personal statement

I adore the start and end

I adore the start and end line!
great PS!

realiii good!

that was reali good! loved the beginning and the end!
good luck!

wow great statement explains

wow great statement explains everything you need about all your qualities and abilty to study law at university. I only wish i had thought of something like this for my personal statment!! gd luck :)

You should not have tried to

You should not have tried to sound original with the first sentence. I think this is a mistake. However, the extra curricular activities are very, very impressive, and cover the awkward expressions. Though you should not have included the Polish president, and the last cliche sentence gives away the fact that you watch too much TV.
Overall, it is brilliant.


This is great... i love the begginnin and the end... it made me like u... i am going for a smmer school programme at LSE... and i think they are fools for not accepting >>>. ..

Appalling spelling

Your university "courier"??? You'll have to improve your spelling if you want any kind of university CAREER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like the end and

I really like the end and beginning line it sets the mood for a lawyer in a court

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