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Law has always been a subject that has interested and appealed to me as an area of study. I believe that justice is the inherent foundation of our civilisation and find the application of it both a fascinating and vital field of learning, because of the central role it plays in the functioning of society and the diversity of areas it influences.

he evolving situation between sovereign nations and global institutions makes it an especially fascinating time to study international law, since it is becoming of increasing importance in the modern world as to how we govern ourselves as a global society, thus being a subject area I would like to pursue.

My interest in International law has also confirmed my decision to combine the law degree with French, as studying another language and culture will give me a fresh and more in-depth perspective on international issues generally. Being able to study French at advanced higher level has already given me some insight into discussing topical issues from French perspective and I thoroughly enjoy reading "Le Monde" daily to compare reading news articles that interest me in English and French.

Throughout my school life I have always had excellent attendance and have strived to perform to the best of my ability, consistently achieving Certificates of Endeavour and receiving Certificates of Merit for English, History and Maths in 5th year. My higher and advanced higher courses have allowed me to both further my interest in law and develop the skills required for the course.

The study of history has taught me the process of analysing and evaluating sources, an essential skill required for law, and has also encouraged my involvement in class debates and strengthened my ability to logically formulate and present an argument. Higher English has allowed me to refine my language and communication skills, and studying higher RMPS has led to greater interest in morality and ethics, especially over current controversial issues such as euthanasia.

As a 6th year student I have also been able to take on greater roles of responsibility and actively participate within the life of the school, demonstrating my capacity to maintain a balance between academic study and extra-curricular activities.

Being appointed as a school prefect has allowed me to improve my communication skills working with both staff and pupils, and encouraged my assertiveness and resourcefulness when helping organise school events. I have also been elected as head of the student citizenship committee, which has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership and organisational skills, and to promote supporting charitable causes in the school.

Outside of school I participate in a range of activities which help me to develop interpersonal skills and show a wide range of interests outside academic study. I have a passion for music, and have been taking guitar lessons for four years as well as enjoying singing and composing songs.

I am an active member of the Baha'i Faith which is involved in operating a range of different community development projects, highlighting my initiative and commitment to a project, and ability to work well with others. It has also widened my experience and insight into social issues.

Serving as a tutor for children's classes in a deprived area of Glasgow has benefited me greatly; as well as developing personal skills it has been immensely rewarding to help bring out confidence and talents in the children I teach.

In July 2009 I was also involved in a 4 week residential program at Cranmore Tower in Somerset, which involved carrying out service projects to the local community. This course required excellent teamwork and organisation, and support, cooperation and patience on the part of every participant, especially during particularly difficult or stressful tasks. The program was challenging but wholly rewarding, strengthening my belief that studying law with French at university is the course for me.

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