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I see speaking a foreign language as a key to a door opening up a new world of possibilities and opportunities. As a child my mother insisted I learned another language, she told me to grab any possible open window for a life beyond my own imagination.

Moving around, encountering new countries, has given me courage, inner confidence and strength. I have gained fluency in three languages, making connections with divergent people from different countries, learning about lifestyle and culture. Moving from my home country Poland to London, I have discovered a new world of culture and language, opening my eyes and developing my curiosity to foreign lives of other people. Moving to France was another exciting step, allowing me to completely change my attitude and facing me with new challenges. I have moved forward tackling each obstacle with hope and courage. I see now that it was my first year in France, I developed my true potential and true passion for languages. Adjusting to a different education system, I have acquired the understanding of what I must do to reach the levels of knowledge I am capable of, and an understanding of the French.

Following my previous experience I chose my A-Levels based on my passion for languages. Continuing to study French has developed my vocabulary and enhanced my spoken as well as written French. English Language and Literature played an important part in developing my understanding and knowledge of both languages, the more I understood English Language the easier it was for me to concentrate on each language separately, bringing to light their differences. It was then when I started to find connections between French and Polish, concentrating on the grammar. To this day I study French and English, knowing that there is so much more to learn and to discover about these languages, setting goals to learn other languages in the near future.

I chose Photography out of simple interest for the subject. By that choice I have not only developed my art skills but also found photography to be a visual language. During the course of Photography I found French and Polish to be very useful, many photography terms come from French, of which I had the advantage to understand, putting me that one step ahead of other classmates. Driven by a hidden interest in landscape and environment, I decided to take upon Geography, connecting with culture of countries around the world. I am currently learning Italian privately. I chose to learn Italian because of my previous part-time job in an Italian restaurant, where I have become very close friends with all my Italian co-workers. While hearing Italian at work I was astounded at how I was able to understand some of the words, due to speaking French, and all the time making links and pointing out the similarities between both of the languages. It inspired me to set a goal in becoming fluent in Italian.

The reason I have decided to continue my studies of languages at an undergraduate course is because I feel there is so much more knowledge I can gain from studying French and Italian, considering my goal in life is to achieve fluency in various languages. It is vitally important to me to continue my education, for personal satisfaction of the amount of proficiency and expertise I will be able to retain. I believe studying at one of the highest universities in United Kingdom will be an absolute privilege and proof of the abilities I am capable of. Studying French and Italian will advance my knowledge and understanding of the languages, which I desire to achieve sheer perfection in.

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French and Italian at Cardiff University

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