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I am a jingoist. India, the land of diversity is truly magnificent; it is the heartland for more than a billion people and it is here in this land, which was amalgamated by Gandhi that I have found love for the subject of law. My passion for the subject emerged in my childhood as I witnessed my parents arguing and debating for justice in their long sessions in court.

Gandhi who used law as a tool to help a distressed nation inspires me. I am inspired by my parents too, who relentlessly strive to seek justice against all the predicaments this noble profession has to offer.

Law is all encompassing; right from a nation to its citizens. It is the guiding light to man, as Helena Kennedy states 'The Law is the bedrock of a nation; it tells us who we are, what we value, who has power, and who hasn't. Almost nothing has more impact on our lives,' ('Just Law', 2004).

I see law as more than a career choice, to me it as a stepping-stone from which I wish to propel myself into a position where I would be able to influence and enhance the lives of others. I aim to take up an active part in politics and I believe law would provide me with the perfect platform to excel in my endeavors in this field.

Academically, I have always been focused and I believe that the rigorous secondary and higher education that I have received has equipped me with the right attitude and skills to face the detailed intricacies of this subject.

The values that my parents and my teachers have inculcated in me is something which has helped me adjust and blend in any given situation and I believe that these 'skills' which I have acquired will be very helpful for me in adjusting into a new environment and excelling in it.

My work experience within my parent's law firm really fired and reinforced my enthusiasm for a career in law and moreover bought about an even greater understanding about this subject.

I have been fortunate enough to apprentice under several senior solicitors and have been able to understand the different aspects of laws of multiple jurisdictions, ranging from the case work and preparation, right till the exciting litigations in court. During my time there I was also exposed to a lot of documentation and drafting work which helped me in familiarizing with the arbitrary branch of law.

The work experience I gained from there enabled me to take on a different outlook towards this career, which is a more rounded insight into the legal field covering all its facets. Furthermore, I have a fair idea of what to expect from the very wide range of career opportunities currently available within the legal domain.

I have been volunteering in the 'Dubai center for special needs' for the past two years. The experiences I have gained from the activities have ameliorated my understanding about the diverse predicaments that are being faced by the masses.

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This personal statement was written by azhan for application in 2007.

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I really need help how to improve ,,,,,,,,,,,,
yhis is not the whole thing and is only about three quarters of it
please be kind enuff to suggest some improvements


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count on yourself rather than on others

A rather slipshod attempt at plagiarisation. Try harder dude

Ucas stresses the importance of the integrity and originality of each and every personal statement.

Do keep that in mind.

ok anyways than for your help

ok anyways than for your help I have changed it quite a bit but still it has as air of 'trying to sell myself too hard' you know...I am sorry it is a personal statement and in person I am a bit like that now I uess everyting is in gods hands

See now, I've noticed that we

See now, I've noticed that we have a tendency to knock something that's actually pretty decent - just because we wouldn't think to write in that way ourselves. I think your personal statement is pretty good; it makes it clear why you want to study Law. How about relaying some slightly more personal feelings/thoughts etc? I think that if you did that along with what you've already written, you could produce an even more effective and memorable statement.


hey guess what guys????? thanx for all ur helpzzz but i have got into warwick and durham .......whic are like my dream schools so I really cant decide between the both so could you pls help me????
ps I didnt wanna sound like a @##$


Congratulations :o)

dude, do you know that

dude, do you know that Jingoism is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy"? so essentialy, you have pictured yourself as a particularly agressive person. i dont mean to seem rude like but if anyone looks it up then they will believe you to be . . . well a bit of a psycho??

As far as I'm aware, the

As far as I'm aware, the count is 4000 characters.


What's a jingoist???


India is not the land of diversity, trust me!

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