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Reading my favourite book Purple Hibiscus always left me curious. The injustice my country faced in times of war was engaging and I continuously thought about how the laws in place should have limited the numerous military coups. With corruption still stemming from those eras today, I questioned why our laws, though derived mostly from British influence did not have the sovereignty it did in western societies to prevent the government's misconduct.

I found an answer in Oxford University's podcasts on corrective jurisprudence. While listening, I heard of its influence in Western laws and that a principle of natural law is to outline the limits of legislative power to prevent the law's abuse. It was amazing hearing how the UK's laws developed to be self-limiting yet absolute but sad to see that these ideologies were yet to be realised in Nigeria. This piqued my interest in the study of the law with links to its development so I could contribute to the efforts of enabling these ideologies to take effect there.

Following my intrigue in legal theory, I sought to find links between sociological perspectives and the law. Emile Durkheim proposed a concept that struck me as it was quite paradoxical. He stated that crime attracted positive changes in society and legal reform. Although the idea that breaking laws created new ones seemed ludicrous to me, so I researched a few prominent cases.

I noted, however, that most precedents are as a result of rules being established during criminal trials, for example, the Duty of Care Doctrine developing in Donoghue v. Stevenson. This supported Durkheim's theory but contradicted Thomas Aquinas's "first principles" of the law always avoiding evil, which I agreed with. These conflicting opinions only broadened my love for the law with its complex and dynamic nature.

Still taken by English law's origins, I read 'Introduction to the English Legal System' to learn the institutions involved in law-making. I studied more on the EU's jurisdiction to pass laws in our country and I pondered how this would change following Brexit, including the developing constitutions it would create. During my work experience at my local MP's office, I had the privilege of discussing these questions.

She instructed me on the EU's regulations affecting various legal spheres, such as the common market formed in the 1957 Treaty of Rome impacting our Tax laws. This formed curiosity within me over the ties between public and EU law after she explained the gruelling revision our laws and economy would need to undergo for us to obtain a good deal.

The MP also spoke with me about the importance of good judgement and this inspired me. The votes she cast aided in results that affected our country similar to how a jury could determine one's future based on a verdict. This power created my interest in courts and their propagation of justice.

This led to me undertaking the online course 'From Crime to Punishment', by the University of York. In one session, I watched videos of a trial under the Offences Against the Persons Act. I marvelled as the barristers used persuasive speech and critical analyses of points to try and win the legal battle. I reproduced these skills when I debated against peers in classes, building my communication abilities and confidence immensely as well as a desire to try mooting at university.

I was elected thrice for the role of form representative in my college. The role bettered my leadership qualities and I talked with students about their well-being to create good support systems with the college executives. I also organised events for clubs I took part in such as athletics, where I previously won a medal in a discus event. This multifaceted role let me realise my desire to help others and plan events.

I believe that I can do this on a higher scale using my multicultural experiences and the skills this subject provides to assist charities and contribute to delivering legal aid internationally.

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My tutor submitted my application when I wasn't done and was still drafting my conclusion but here's my statement.


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