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As the daughter of a British mother and a Dutch father who was born and raised in Israel, I grew up speaking both English and Hebrew. My desire to study and practice law developed initially from my genuine interest in legal and ethical dilemmas and how fairness and justice are involved within a society.

The main reason for my aspiration to study Law in the UK is the quality of teaching, the emphasis the university staff puts on the success of their students and the various opportunities after graduation. As I want to pursue a career as a solicitor, a Law degree from a well-respected UK university is a huge advantage.

My fascination with law grew tremendously while the COVID – 19 pandemic. In order to slow down the spread of the virus, the government had to approve emergency regulations that gave extensive powers to the Israel Security Agency. Israel’s Knesset (our lawmakers) duty was to make sure that the principles of democracy and the rule of the law are preserved as well as ensuring that the breach of human rights will be substantive and reasonable. This has allowed me to witness and understand the inner workings of the legislation process.

I wanted to make sure that my Bagrut (the Israeli equivalent to A-Levels) choices included various subjects that would develop my academic abilities for the future and interest me at the same time. I chose economics because of the importance of the subject to the development and advancement of the world. Whilst studying I learnt how law plays an important role in regulating economic activity in every country. This class gave me the opportunity to develop analytical skills and systematic thinking that will be of great use when studying at an undergraduate level.

While studying psychology and English literature I acquired analysing abilities which gave me a wider perspective that help me understand any situation from various perspectives before I establish my own opinion, encouraging me to think logically and with reason.

After high school I enlisted in the army for two years. I was placed in the navy’s headquarters and worked with high ranking people such as the navy admiral. I was part of the department in charge of the funding and budgeting of units in various fields such as projects, operations, personnel, and so on.

In determining the annual budget and ongoing financial aid requests during the year, I had to conduct research and use my judgment to determine how the budget will be split and what needs are top priority. This required thinking outside the box and creative solutions.

Each day involved meetings where I needed to present persuasive arguments to justify the decisions I have made. All of this has made me a critical thinker and helped perfect my problem solving, debating and negotiation skills and gave me a business and office environment experience first-hand.

Throughout my education I was part of the scout movement for nine years. In my seventh year I was certified to be a counsellor of 12 young girls. A year later I was promoted to be a guide to 30 boys and girls, and in my last year I was head of a whole age department. I planned activities and lessons on various issues relevant to the age group and the current world issues which has given me the ability to enhance my teamwork, leadership and creativity skills.

I also worked as a bartender and waitress at a pub and a well-appointed restaurant. Because of this I have a great deal of experience in dealing with difficult customers whilst maintaining a professional approach.
I realize that Law school is very demanding and competitive but also highly rewarding. I am confident I have the skills necessary to be a successful undergraduate. To know that once I graduate, I will go on and do what fascinates me just makes me more enthusiastic and determined to complete my degree successfully.

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