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I have wanted to study law from a young age largely because my grandfather is a well known judge in Pakistan. I have seen a lot of paperwork that he handles as a judge. While I was in Pakistan a few years back I was given the opportunity to sit in a court room and observe the law in action.

However English law and Pakistani law differ in many ways but the process of court is fairly similar. Furthermore, I have always been interested in the way the legal system works and how it is used in everyday life. I like reading up on certain issues in law, predominantly criminal law.

I am always keen on reading up on recent reforms made to certain acts. I am currently studying A Level Law, Psychology and Sociology. I picked these subjects because I wanted an insight into different subjects other than the traditional subjects.

I also picked sociology because it helps me understand the workings of the social system around us, this may be because I like to learn new things. I enjoy all my subjects as they are all interesting and always learning something new.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying law, especially the criminal law unit, as it has given me a good introduction to the different aspects of the topic.

We have been studying murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter and non-fatal offences and the necessary Actus Reus and Mens Rea for each of these offences. In the AS year we covered the unit of law making.

I enjoyed this unit as I learnt how Parliament plays a major part in the legislative process. Statutory interpretation was another segment which I enjoyed as it gave me a good understanding about how case law is produced, and how judges can interpret and apply law in everyday life.

I recently did a Mini-Pupilage at Central Chambers in Manchester. I was shadowing barristers around court for a week. I visited the two Crown Courts in Manchester (Minshull St and the Crown Court located in Deansgate) and from this I got a first hand experience of a robbery case. I also visited the magistrates' court.

By doing the mini-Pupilage I have learnt many new aspects of the law. In high school I was part of the school debating society we debated on different issues for example the problems in parliament or other problems affecting the population.

I also did Peer Mediation in school which helped me with communication skills. It also helped me learn some of the skills, for example listening to clients which will help me when working as a professional solicitor.

I enjoy doing a bit of sport every now and then to keep myself fit and healthy. I like going round to the local park with friends and playing different sports, whether this is football, cricket, tennis or badminton. I also enjoy reading books.

I like reading around the A level law specification. I am particularly interested in the recent reforms made to the law. For relaxation, I enjoy listening to music of any kind such as RnB, Reggae, Hip Hop and Bhangra.

I look forward to university as I feel that I am ready academically to move on to the next step of my education and achieve my life-long dream of becoming a solicitor. I hope that from studying law at a university I will gain good experience and knowledge about how the law works and affects society.

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to go college or sumat

im not fuked im actually in university studying law so thank u very muchh i dnt need ur pleasant comments!

This seems like a personal

This seems like a personal statement for admission into Kindergarten.

Ahm this personal statement

Ahm this personal statement isnt very good...

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