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My desire to study law as a degree at university has come from the fact that studying A levels provided me with the opportunity to study law as a specific topic which gave me an insight of what law is really about.

What I have found is that the perspective people have on law is sometimes very misleading but in reality they don’t understand the fact that the law is the bedrock of society which allows society to maintain the process of societal order.

Without the law there would be no structure in society for people to follow and therefore it has a big impact on everyone’s lives.

I have a dream and that is to one day become a successful lawyer; I understand that it is a most certainly challenging process but I believe that I have the right attitude and the ambition inside me to sustain the challenge and become successful in this career path and it is this law degree which would provide me with the prospect of achieving my dream.

Currently in my final year of A levels I am studying law, sociology and business. As well as just studying law, sociology had a major influence on my decision to study law at university. Studying sociology has been key because it provided me with the depth and understanding of why crime is committed by people in society.

Sociology and business also enabled me to develop my writing skills which are essential when it comes to studying law.

Law it self has been a great topic to study at A level, I thoroughly enjoyed the subject because it involved some astonishing cases which personally got me really interested and I also achieved top marks in exams and weekly essays which emphasizes my understanding of the subject and gave me the confidence to be able to choose law as a subject to study at university level.

During the first year of my A levels I was awarded with the achievements of being the ‘Best overall achiever’ and ‘Consistently high standards’ in the whole Law department at college as I gained outstanding results in exams.

During the summer period in August 2011 I was able to gain some valuable work experience at a firm called MBC Accident Claims which lasted for a month, this was voluntary and during this period I had a role of an assistant and my duty was to fax and email certain client information to solicitors regarding their claims.

I also had the duty to interpret and edit data on the database which had 100’s of clients. I found that it was a great experience because it gave me the chance to get an idea of the different areas of law.

In the coming months I am due to shadow a solicitor at a local Law firm which would be amazing for me as I would be at the receiving end of what my previous work experience job roles were concerned with and would give me and idea to see what it is actually like to be a solicitor.

Outside of college I tend to make the most of my social life as I believe that along with a good social life it has a positive impact on your studies. I play a lot of snooker at the local snooker club as I find snooker very relaxing, especially during exam periods and I am often at the receiving end of banters from my mates as they find it boring.

As well as this I play football with mates at a local 5 a side pitch and often participate in any tournaments which arise around our community.

As well as this I like to travel quite a lot mainly due to family visits to other countries; I have been to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Holland and Pakistan, all of these journeys have been amazing experiences for me as it got me involved in different societies and I was able to see the differences between cultures.

Seeing how challenging a career in Law can be, I believe that I have the necessary requirements to achieve my ambitions therefore fulfilling my vision to become a successful lawyer for this up-and-coming generation of Law.

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This personal statement was written by s.razzaq for application in 2012.

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1st draft, need some comments for improvement.


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bravo what a splendid

bravo what a splendid personal statement.

wow great personal statement

wow great personal statement you have obviously got good writing skills and all the best for the future

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