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What really intrigues me about law is the unflinchingly honest portrayal of society it provides. As Helena Kennedy states in ‘Just Law’, it is the ‘bedrock of a nation’, always changing to support and reflect society’s needs.

By determining the point at which human behavior is deemed illegal, the law governs world-scale events as well as our everyday existence. Issues related to the law, such as abortion and gay rights, are always seen in the context of society’s ethical considerations.

I am keen for insight into the nature of law and human society; however my desire to study law stems chiefly from the fact that it plays a significant role in society. I hope that through a legal profession I can stand for and introduce positive change into my own society.

My internship at Tan, Rajah & Cheah, one of Singapore’s biggest law firms, provided me a well-rounded insight into the legal profession.

Reading cases and texts, and assisting office clerks in administrative work acquainted me with the modus operandi of casework. I shadowed solicitors and observed the procedures of courtroom litigation, and I was struck by the complexity of the legal system. It also provided me a realistic appreciation in place of any sensationalised preconceptions that I had of a legal career.

At the same time, what really fired my desire to study Law was the vast array of opportunities I learned of that is available in the legal field. Keeping company with lawyers introduced me to issues related to intellectual property rights that have increasingly surfaced in Singapore’s marketplace.

Her economy is gearing itself towards engaging intellectual creativity in many sectors. As a practising lawyer, I would want to be part of the engine which fosters intellectual innovation by supporting the rights of the creative industry.

I have also always felt for the underprivileged in society – especially the foreign workers who take up the jobs most Singaporeans shun but are often neglected by the local community. My internship showed me how law is a significant path to making a difference to society and set my heart firmly on a career in law.

While I expect to be thoroughly stretched during my course of study, I feel I work best when faced with challenges.

I studied both scientific and humanities-based subjects at ‘A’-Level, and this has given me the advantage of perspectives and problem-solving approaches developed from both disciplines. English literature has shown me a bigger picture of the world’s different societies and has given me insight into the nuances of human relations.

I have pursued my own study of literature and philosophy beyond my academic curriculum and this has sharpened my critical thinking skills and instilled within me a genuine intellectual inquisitiveness.

In school I took part in several film and theater productions, including the prestigious 2008 Singapore Youth Festival Competition for which I played the lead character and helped my school win the top prize of ‘Gold with Honours’. I also co-wrote and played the lead in a 2007 Ministry of Education (MOE) film competition which won a silver medal.

My acting skills were highlighted by the judges and I was requested to attend an audition for future MOE films. My acting experience and fascination with language have given me a firm grasp of the English language, and the confidence to speak publicly. I believe this will put me in good stead to study law.

I wish to pursue my study of law in an English university as the legal system in Singapore is based on that of the UK.

This will have direct relevance to my career. Living apart from the comforts of home will, I hope, provide me with broader perspectives and the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all walks of life.

Ultimately, I look forward to a vigorous course which will sharpen my skills of analysis and thought, deepen my understanding of issues that impact human society, and equip me to work to change my own for the better.

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