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A woman is legally certified to kill her cheating husband, only if she uses her bare hands.The husband's lover however may be killed in any manner desired.

This is just one example of the outrageous laws that are still in continuation in Hong Kong. Fascinating laws around the world have encouraged me to study Law at university and discover more about international legal systems.

I have always been intrigued by law, reading "Defending the Guilty" by Alex McBride has influenced my decision to become a lawyer. He was a criminal barrister who stood up in court and attempted to save people from prison, and even a lifetime behind bars.

My curiosity then sparked into genuine love for law, as I spent time watching powerful nonfictional- documentaries from 'Snapped: Women who Kill', which was filled with puzzling murder cases.

By studying Economics at A-level, I was able to develop and widen my skills in essay writing, where I have learned to argue, analyse and evaluate.

Whilst studying Economics I discovered the recession may cause crime rates to increase; reasons for this can be traced to an increase in unemployment which often leads to people being on the street rather than at work.

In Business I was able to learn about legal laws affecting employment, race and sales of goods and services. I was able to explore what rules and regulations businesses must undertake in order to remain within the law.

Similarly, in Finance I also learned about many types of law and was able to relate it to organizations such as BT and Cancer Research UK , where they have to follow the law in order to maintain their businesses.

Also, studying Psychology at AS allowed to me expand my skills in outlining, evaluating and criticising case studies. I learned that there are psychological factors that cause people to commit crimes could be used
for the defence in court.

The opportunity to get work experience with the local solicitor firm 'Ravi Solicitors' reinforced my enthusiasm for a career in law. I was able to assist with research and talk to lawyers; this gave me a realistic feel of what a career in law is like.

I discussed with the solicitors how they dealt with cases; I saw the passion that they had for their jobs and the commitment needed to succeed. I have developed communication, organisation, interpersonal and listening skills from being a peer mentor at my school.

Also after being involved in parent's evenings and open evenings I understand the importance of professional conduct and possess the ability to work successfully with others.

I was able to develop my management and team work skills whilst fundraising for UNICEF. Attending taster courses at university has given me an incredible experience in an academic environment and gave me the opportunity to meet students currently at university.

I keep up to date with business and legal issues by reading Legal Week regularly. I have both a recent and broad knowledge of the field. Reading books on a regular basis enabled me to travel by my imaginary wings and experience adventures.

Constance Briscoe the author of the book "Ugly" has been an encouragement as she dealt with difficulties such as child abuse in her early life and is now a successful lawyer.

I am an active and outgoing individual who time manages both social and academic. I possess the drive, knowledge and skills to be a successful law graduate and pursue a first-rate career. I am ready to embrace the academic challenge and will bring great enthusiasm and a passion for law to your university.

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This personal statement was written by Delaxana48 for application in 2013.

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Queen Mary, University of London
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Oxford Brookes University
City University

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Law LLB at City University


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Very Good and interesting.

Thank you for your help Delaxana

This was an amazing personal

This was an amazing personal statement and gave me loads of ideas. I had no idea how to start and now i know!

What grades did you apply

What grades did you apply with? (e.g predicted grade if you did IB)

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