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Studying law has always been my dream right from childhood. This dream was ignited by my aunt who became a judge while I was in Nigeria. My aunt's role in the judiciary has reinforced my enthusiasm for the legal profession as I had the chance attend court with her to watch some of her sessions.

I'm also hoping to get a placement in a law firm next summer which I am really looking forward to. Law is an intriguing and fascinating area and I think it would suit my personality as I am a very argumentative and persuasive person who will always find a way of tackling the challenges I'm faced with.

I have also been given the opportunity of spending some time in the gallery of the crown court to watch an on going trial session. I was particularly interested by the banter that went on between the judge and the lawyers. This has broadened my knowledge of the legal field in the UK in addition to my experience of court proceedings in Nigeria.

I have also visited a lawyer's office observed the critical processes in a law firm; answering phone calls, filing of paper works, preparing for court sessions and litigation in the court house. This has given me an insight into the practical workings of the legal field. I also plan to take a gap year and get more experience by working in a law firm. I would also take up a course in French which I believe would be helpful to an extent. My gap year would also be used to work to be a bit financially independent at university.

Studying as well as having a part time job has made me realise the essence of responsibility. I have a sustained commitment to both my studies and my job. This has enabled me boost my confidence as I have to relate to the people I work with as well as my teachers and fellow students at all times.

Studying A level economics, English language, English literature and religious studies has also made me develop my skills of arguing, analysis, evaluation and critical thinking which I believe is vital when studying law. The study of economics has made me understand the importance and capacity of present day economic conditions and how we relate these economic conditions to society at large. English language combined with Literature has helped me understand the significance of expressing myself clearly and concisely through words. Religious studies has motivated me to be able to argue constructively

Belonging to the literary and debating society in my secondary school was what really helped my confidence grow. Prior to this, I used to be a very shy person. The literary and debating society made me come out of my shell and I took part in many interschool debates. I also participated in many sporting events; I played volleyball and was the head of the team in the March Past Event during the inter-house sports held annually at my secondary school in Nigeria.

I've also taken part in acting as I was a member of the drama club in both school and church respectively. Socialising is one of my methods of unwinding after a long week's hard work. It is also an opportunity to meet new people.

Through working as a domestic at the hospital, I have improved my communication skills by interacting with people of different ages and sometimes under difficult circumstances. This job requires a high level of commitment and competence. I believe that studying law in more depth at university will enable me to gain significant experience in different specialist areas while increasing my general understanding of how law works in relation to society.

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This personal statement was written by kiki timtim for application in 2008.

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i think its brilliant and has

i think its brilliant and has got the African perspective, well done. I'm trying to write one too. all the best

Its really good - Where did

Its really good - Where did you apply to?

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