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"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst" Aristotle’s statement intertwines law and justice as one entity, although as through the ages the schism between the two has widened greatly. Law is the only bulwark against the degradation of our society, however litigation itself has become tainted with a severe lack of empathy for the human condition of which the whole basis of societal rule and regulation seeks to protect. This is where my fascination with law stems from as I believe that law is the basis for any just society.

Despite common and civil law with French being my first pick, this does not dampen my tenacity and covet for my other course choices (Law, English, French and History and History), each of which corresponds with my A-level choices. I am currently studying English literature, history, and French at St. Marys CBGS, subjects of which I have great fascination and incline to improve my skills regarding each.

English literature emanates from the great appreciation I have for literature and how it is written, with a great recent read of mine being ‘American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis. In applicatory terms, English literature allows me to delve into the subtle connotations of specific lexis and establish concise interpretations of said lexis.

History has developed further interpretational skill for me as while it is widely believed certain events are black and white, I have noted that various inferences can be derived from set in stone events. History has always been a great interest of mine and my success in the subject at AS has been factored by my external interest of the subject. ‘Stalingrad’ by Anthony Beevor being an enticing read.

The study of French language has sharpened my ability to understand the importance when it comes to selectivity of vocabulary. Pursuit of a language means a grave deal to me as great commitment and zeal has been attributed to my study of the language over my 7 years in secondary education. For me French is academia and artistry combined. Beauty is found in the speaking of the language and academic acuteness in the grammatical aspects.

With regards to extra-curricular activities, I frequent the debating society within my school, as it allows me to sharpen presentation, research and speech skills. Previous employment in spaces such as McDonalds and retail and engraved in me the ability to remain calm under pressure while still maintaining the focus of the goals at hand. I too converse with fellow French speakers outside of school as it allows me to hone the speaking aspect.

From my experiences of independence through study, employment and general life I believe I would be highly suited to university life. Common and civil law with French would help greatly in obtaining my dreams of becoming a solicitor in a francophone country but my other courses are equally enthralling to me as I have great attentiveness for each.

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