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Eleven years later, I still remember the exact date. It was October 15, 1987 when I was asked to join Project Challenge, the honors program at Harris Hill Elementary School. I was in third grade at that time.

The way that eligibility was determined was through our grades and the potential seen. It was clear to the administration that I could be successful in any avenue that I chose, and I had my parents support to be in a gifted and talented program from when I was three and began teaching myself how to read.

The first assignment that the six of us had in Project Challenge was a debate. The topic was, “Resolved: Styrofoam containers cause harm to the environment and must be banned.” Since it was such a general statement, I felt that it was important to take the position of con. That I remember this whole event shows just how much it meant to me.

What was most important was to research the topic and make sure that I was well prepared. I did this, and succeeding in helping my team to win this debate at a showcase in front of all of our parents and a panel of judges.

High pressure situations like this are where I thrive. What allows me to work so well in these situations is my ability to manage time. I sit down and think through what should be done first, what is next, and work my way through the list in terms of what will take the most time and effort.

This is how I was able to focus my work and complete every course in higher education in an accelerated fashion. I am finishing a second master's degree in October, while working full time as a teacher.

My focus as a teacher has been teaching English as a second language. While in the classroom, I have had to learn about law, particularly as it relates to my students. Since many come to the country with only a basic knowledge of English, it is up to me as the sole person who works with the children in this capacity, to advocate for them and make sure that nobody takes advantage.

I started this while in Russia, learning about other cultures. In learning languages and cultures, I have a background and an understanding that will help me in immigration law. Knowing already in what I would like to specialize will help me, as I have a clear goal towards which to start.

During this time, and in my time in the classroom, I have been aided by my skills in observation. Noting every detail and remembering is a natural gift that will help me in accomplishing my goals as an attorney.
I realise now, eleven years later, that the experience of learning to argue and counter-argue in third grade is a talent that has stayed with me.

The experience taught me how to anticipate what is coming next in an argument and be prepared to refute or support as need be before the case is closed. I have carried this through to my personal life, in studying legal texts of religion as often as I can.

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It is an improvement over my first draft, but I think still needs to be tightened up- suggestions?


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