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My desire to read law stems from the fascination I have with its ability to evolve alongside society. However, my interest was initially sparked by reading the American Novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee. The way in which the character 'Atticus', a criminal attorney, defended his client with such conviction regardless of prejudice inspired me to delve further.

I found that the law affects our everyday lives virtually imperceptibly. Through legislation and common law, ethical considerations at the root of modern culture such as those on abortion and marital rape can be decided upon to suit the needs of the public.

My work experience with a local Barrister confirmed my enthusiasm for a career within the legal profession. I was able to shadow the barrister in his preparation for court, his participation in an Early Administrative Hearing and watch as he delivered a case for the prosecution during a criminal trial.

I also had the opportunity to work with experienced solicitors and observe their work in the Litigation, Claims and Property Development departments through Blackpool Council. I assisted in the research of past cases and read relevant parts of property deeds. These experiences have enhanced my ability to apply legal theory to real-life situations.

European Law interests me greatly and I would particularly like to learn more about the impact it has upon the law in England and Wales.

In addition, studying History has taught me to question and analyse various interpretations of a particular topic and show my understanding in a clear and concise manner, whilst sociology lessons have helped me to improve my ability to undertake valuable research and coupled with independent study, apply this to my own work.

I feel the skills I have gained will be especially useful when studying complex case law and looking at the implications certain judgements may have on individuals in society.

At present I am the chairperson of the events committee at my college, which is responsible for improving facilities for our students.

I have also been elected to the role of deputy senior student of the student council. I am a trained peer mentor, dealing with new students to help them through their transition from Secondary School to Sixth Form. One of my personal achievements was being able to help a student find her own solution to a bullying problem.

These roles have helped me to develop inter-personal, communication and leadership skills that will benefit me when studying a degree in law as well as in the wider university community.

I was recently selected by Blackpool Council to represent the rising generation in their final pitch to the Big Lottery Fund in London for GBP 25 million. I believe this experience has improved my capability to think quickly on my feet in order to put forth effective legal arguments when debating at university.

Currently I work as a sales advisor for River Island Ltd, where I have learned the art of negotiation as a means of dealing with difficult customers whilst maintaining a professional approach.

I am a keen Netball player and enjoy playing competitively for my college and a local ladies team, highlighting the important balance given between academic achievement and social well-being.

I would like to continue to enhance my knowledge of the law at degree level and look forward to becoming involved in university life as a whole. I have gained many valuable skills and qualities as a result of my experiences and feel that these will contribute considerably to a successful career studying law at university.

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This personal statement was written by mbf for application in 2008.

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I've applied to Durham, Warwick, Newcastle, Leicester and Lancaster. Had offers from the last 3 and i'm still waiting for a reply from Durham and Warwick :)


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I think this is really good,

I think this is really good, im so scared bout writing my ps, can u help me please and give me some advice as ur ps is similar to what i had in mind bout d structuring of my ps. Thank u

Wow, this personal statement

Wow, this personal statement was really good, and helped me a lot of what to put in mine, i hope you get into your first choice uni, i want to apply for Leicester, Warwick and Durham,so i hope you get in, but i think you will your personal statement was like i said really good.

thi personal statement is

thi personal statement is great, i want to apply for law at lester aswell and wondered if you can help me as your is so good.

what were your grades for AS

what were your grades for AS level when you applied and your predicted grades.

Its too much isnt it

thats abit 2 much ur ps its goin ova the top. like a bit too much detail.


Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!....


Thank you, a very interesting note!!....

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