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My work experience has been key to my choice to study law. This in combination with my A levels, has allowed me to develop academic rigour with a strong spirit of enquiry and advocacy. I have worked with different types of legal professionals and dealt with important institutions during my gap year.

Contemporary law requires problem solving as part of a team to produce an effective justice system, and will provide me with the opportunities that I am seeking.

I have explored various legal professions by shadowing professionals and working within a Legal environment. I will further enhance my experience by shadowing the resident Judge of Lewes Crown Court in January. I regularly attend county and magistrate courts, providing me with valuable insights into legal career options and the workings of a busy town court.

I was particularly interested by the wide range of organisations and individuals involved in the implementation of the legal system and was inspired by the breadth of possibilities for those interested in a legal career. I gained awareness of the variability of Legal provision whilst shadowing solicitors, barristers and magistrates.

I am aware that the nature of Legal work in a small town will differ greatly from that in cities and am intrigued to see that difference for myself. I hope that my upcoming time with a judge may begin to provide me with such an insight.

However, I have not only investigated the practical side of Law but also the theoretical. I am currently reading through various supporting texts, and have sat in on some lectures, enhancing my interest in the subject.

I am currently a member of Millennium Volunteers and Amnesty International. I have also applied to volunteer with the Witness Support Charity. I feel strongly about the rights and welfare of people, particularly those of people who struggle to make their own voices heard. Whilst the majority of my volunteer work has arisen since my turning 18, the reasoning behind my volunteering has long been with me.

The difficulties in providing a safe and effective Justice system which overcomes societal barriers are compounded by the realities of dealing with a large institution like the magistracy.

During my A-levels I studied a range of subjects across the arts-science divide. I was determined not to pigeon-hole myself within a single mode of thinking. The different problem-solving responses required by these subjects are fascinating, and I feel that the ability to synthesise some of these could be of great benefit.

I have really enjoyed studying such varied topics, and I hope to bring this breadth of experience to my legal studies.

I have suffered from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis since the age of 13. I have maintained as normal a life as possible, but it has had implications.

Whilst I have still achieved very respectable grades, I was disappointed by my GCSE and A-Level results not being evidence of my potential. I feel this to have been a direct result of my illness and its ramifications.

I hope that university will open a new chapter with regards to my health, with new treatments being more and more sophisticated. I deeply wish to be given the opportunity to reach my potential in the future.

At school I sung for the school choir and participated in sports teams until my health required me to stop, helped with duties in my house, including looking out for younger students and contributed to some of the school articles.

The pastoral aspect of school was important to me, and at university I hope to become engaged with that further. I have been involved in the school debating team, represented my school in the local Model U.N. General Assembly and am a member of NAGTY.

Public speaking is a challenge that I find both exciting and terrifying, and one that I am certainly interested in tackling further. My previous experiences led to my choice to study law and I am hoping to have the opportunity to take advantage of them in the future.

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This personal statement was written by laneal for application in 2008.

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This has been done using a template that has got various people into Oxbridge and Medical courses. I have also had to include brief comments on my illness and its implications. I am happy to help anyone out regarding how to deal with disabilities and how to get their effects across to universities without sounding like a whine!


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this is really really good, i

this is really really good, i hope you get where you want to go, it also helped me remember to write about my own illness, so thank you and well done :)

Wow that was really good.

Wow that was really good. Very impressive:) Good luck with Uni and your illness

what grades did you get and

what grades did you get and wat uni's did u apply for if u dont mind me asking

oh man

oh man

I thought it was pretty good

I thought it was pretty good until I got to the part about the illness. The way it was written makes you come across as being slightly irresponsible since you blame your failures on your disease. Perhaps instead you should describe how this disease made you work harder and how it failed to hinder your attitude and poise. Also, the fact that you diverted a whole six sentences to it makes it seem like it is a big part of your life, too much apart of who you are. Also, you could cut out the part where you talk about the medical facilities of the school since it does not have to do with law or business. Also, your trying to show what you can do for their school, not what their school can do for you. Good luck!

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