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Law is the cornerstone of our society, the piece of the puzzle that makes the world we live in work.

It sparked my interest a few years ago, when I decided it was time to take a closer look at potential university courses. In my opinion, law can almost be seen as a living organism, always changing and adapting to the circumstances of our society, an omnipresent element that affects every little action a person makes, even though this person might not know it.

It can be found in all aspects of the world: in society, the economy and throughout history; aspects that have always interested me.

The desire to study law comes from my interest in language, my enthusiasm to be involved with legal issues, and the fact that I like to be engaged in the contact with people.

My interest in law began growing when I was in the third form of high school in the Netherlands. I had to spend a day getting to know a certain profession and I decided to contact a law firm in Amsterdam.

A good friend of mine and myself had the opportunity to see what it was like to be a lawyer, we were even allowed to go to court and witness a trial, which was a fascinating - as well as an eye-opening experience. It became clear to me that it is so important to have a strong legal system and that it affects people in a significantly important manner.

A year later my fellow peers and me got the chance to participate in the 'Model United Nations' in Nijmegen.

We were each assigned a country and international issue and had to debate with other students from all over the country in a similar fashion as the actual United Nations.

This experience gave me more insight on the importance of international legal relations and what it is like to have debates and compromise with others. For me, it was a great example of how the legal system works on an international level, and to be able to experience it myself contributed even more to my enthusiasm.

Over the last couple of years, I have been taught various vital skills required for obtaining a law degree. I am currently following the IB course English A: Language and Literature SL, which made me become a much more critical thinker.

Essay writing, textual analysis and arguing are some of the skills I have been taught that I believe are essential to obtaining a law degree. I now thoroughly enjoy reading classic novels and being involved with the English language. In my final year of high school, I was given the opportunity to collaborate the Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen, the Netherlands on a 'Master Assignment Project'.

I created a research paper that examined the subject of sustainable energy production in South Africa on university level. This made me realise what universities expect from me and it helped me gain better research skills.

Over the past couple of years, I have grown immensely as a person. The passing of my father at a young age helped shape who I am today; a hard-working, caring, inquisitive and unique person who enjoys traveling and experiencing unknown cultures and cuisines.

Cooking, movies and field hockey are some of my hobbies that fill up most of my spare time. I am an organised, social and independent person who can easily handle working on his own, but who, on the one hand, is also a good team-player.

My eye for detail gives me great advantage when it comes to analysing, reading, writing and observing, and I firmly believe that it is a valuable asset for a law student. That is why I believe I would be a good law student.

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