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Since I lived in the Republic of Korea for 2 years, where I was able to witness a culture that is in depth very different from ours, I have been trying to see the world as an interdependent whole instead of occupying myself with only my native country. My classmates at the International School of Busan also showed me the value of many different cultures and philosophies existing next to each other.

Yet conflicts often arise between the countries that represent such differences. In the future I wish to help in solving these conflicts and that is why I want to study law and eventually become an international lawyer.

Thus the reason why I wish to study in the United Kingdom is not solely its excellent universities, but also because it will allow me to practice law in English as it has become the most important language internationally. Furthermore, the English common law has had a great influence on worldwide jurisdiction due to British colonial history. Yet I also intend to study the civil law of my native country Germany as it has also had a great influence on European and Asian jurisdiction. A combination of those two subjects will help me understand international laws better.

I was given my first insight into German law in a school course which included visits to the District Court, but also to the State Office of Criminal Investigation.

Later, a placement for 2 weeks at a law firm for employment law showed me the way law can do justice when the lawyer I accompanied managed to revoke the dismissal of an ageing migrant worker.

A novel that showed me a different aspect of legislative power was Animal Farm by George Orwell, whose Napoleon I played in an enactment. Especially the introduction of the sole commandment “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” showed me a danger of positive law. This is also why the notion of law of nature and human rights that everyone is eligible to appeals to me.

The writer T. C. Boyle, however, whom I was able to interview with my class, pointed out to me, regarding his story Bulletproof that one should always look at both sides of a conflict. Thus I also want to study law to improve my ability to reflect critically.

The reason I’m applying for deferred entry is that I wish to work as a volunteer with a social institution, if possible abroad in order to enhance my understanding of foreign cultures, to help out where aid is needed and also to learn how to work independently as well as in a team.

At my German school I was pupil of a class for highly gifted students, where the task, for instance, to hand in a 10-pages paper on a subject of choice each year has benefited my ability to work academically and independently. In 12th grade I participated in a seminar of the Elite Network of Bavaria, where we learned to improve our presentation and feedback skills.

This will aid me further at university. For my Abitur I will take the required German, mathematics and English as well as history and music.

History will help me study law, since modern jurisdiction has been influenced greatly by law codes of the past such as the Roman law or Napoleon’s Code Civil. Music suits me well due to my long experience in playing the guitar. I have been playing the guitar for 12 years and I have reached a point where music seems a little like law since there are so many rules on harmonies. Yet mastering them is very rewarding as it gives one much more possibilities when composing. I also play in the local big band and playing together with others has largely improved my sense of teamwork.

Besides music, I swim in a club and train children there. One needs a lot of patience and endurance, but seeing the children have fun and develop is definitely worth it.

I am aware of the fact that law is a subject that requires one to put a lot of effort into it. Yet I wish to assure you that I do not only possess the necessary abilities but that I am also absolutely willing to muster this effort.

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