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Currently I study English language, history and law. Out of the three I find law the most fascinating because it is the foundation of anything that occurs in society. Learning about how decisions are made in law, the constant arguments to reach a fair judgement and the on-going evolution of the law to adapt to society makes me enthusiastic to learn more.

Studying English Language has taught me how to be critical of different sources of information such as articles.

I have learned how to break down every sentence to reach the conveyed meaning from the author, how to apply linguistic skills such as thorough analysis to any speech or writing to gain a sense of tone, manner and studying English Language has taught me how to be linguistically creative, for example using the effect of compound-complex sentences and to have subject verb agreement used differently to suit the purpose.

History has enabled me to carry out extensive research to evaluate a certain area of history, how to discriminate sources and use them in a way which helps me rather than to disregard it.

History has also allowed me to apply my skills learned from English Language to convey meaning from sources, to reach the initial argument of the author and to be critical and analytical of sources so that they can be used for evaluation in my benefit.

I have also chosen to take on the Extended Project Qualification, in which my area of research is if companies should be given a legal persona. I was particularly interested in researching this after the controversy of Salomon v A. Salomon [1897] and the debates presented by academics on the subject.

Law has helped me understand the basic concept of the different sources of law, such as precedents and statutes. I have learned how the legal system, criminal procedure work and how the interpretation of the sources of law are approached.

For example, R v R [1992] is a case that really stands out to me because before this case there was no law against marital rape, and Sir Matthew Hale’s dicta was overturned by the House of Lords to disallow marital rape.

This case is fascinating to me because it demonstrates how the law changes to adapt society, even if it is behind in time that it will still get there. In addition to this, it has allowed me to apply my skills from my other subjects to relate to law.

For example to use my analytical skills to make a better understanding of precedents and to evaluate whether the law on certain areas are satisfactory, such as causation.

Therefore I want to carry on studying law because there is so much to learn, and I enjoy reading undergraduate books on company law, intellectual property law, criminal law and law of torts because I learn how different aspects of the law work and this has inspired me to learn more.

I carried out my work experience in a criminal defence office, and there I learned how solicitors and barristers apply the facts of one case to their current case to return with a similar judgement. I observed how the Crown and Magistrate’s Courts work, how trials are carried out.

Whilst I was there I was lucky to observe a trial concerning attempted murder in which the trial judge cited the precedents from R v Gotts and R v Howe, which is what I went on to learning in college.

Outside of education, I dedicate my time to playing the Tabla which is an Indian classical instrument. I have been playing for about seven years and it has taught me discipline and patience because a lot of time needs to be given to practice and patience because not everything happens on the first go which motivates me to keep trying until I can play what I have been taught properly.

I take part in various activities such as the National Citizens Service, in which I had to spend three weeks with strangers and carry out tasks which required teamwork. Therefore this helped me build my communication skills, teamwork and to be articulate. I also volunteered for Connexions to help to my part for society and here I helped with many fundraising events and learned a lot about society.

Apart from that I like to be out with my friends and have a good time after I have completed the tasks that I need to do. I like to socialise, take part in various activities and sports so that I can keep my skills in practice as well as learn new ones.

If I get the opportunity to study law, I hope to go on to bar and to qualify as a barrister because I can see myself doing that in the future. I would be great to stand up in court and argue for a fair cause which is not for myself.

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If anyone can help me with this.. Tried to be as honest with myself as possible and I am happy with any sort of criticism.

Thank You


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