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As a first-hand witness to the day when the London Riots was most intensified, I am haunted by scenes of sustained looting, violence and indiscriminate attacks on properties on almost the entire city.

Those images substantiated my long standing belief that a society without law and order leads to chaos and anarchy. As such, my desire to pursue a law career has been overwhelmed by the manner in which the culprits have been prosecuted.

I am intrigued by its developments and the way it adapts within society. I believe I am very much suited for this course as I am at my best when challenged. I relish the opportunity of lateral thinking and thoroughly enjoy evaluating human relations as societies can only function provided they are governed by principles, regulations and laws that the majority of people abide by.

Tracing back to an early age, law has always appealed to me because it's an essential tool for the smooth running of any flourishing society. As such, while at school, I took up subjects that geared me towards critical analysis, persuasion and affection for writing.

Against this backdrop, criminal law has always been a topic of significant interest to me. Through my researches and enquiries about law, evidence suggests that the study of law requires the unaided competence to communicate efficiently and reason instinctively. Whilst in the Military, I have witnessed several court martial hearings and have even participated in some of them where I contributed immensely to the success of certain cases.

After leaving school, I got admission at Fourah Bay College, (University of Sierra Leone) where I studied history and politics. The constant political unrest in the country deterred me from finishing my course therefore, in 2007; I moved back to the UK and joined the UK Special Forces in which I am an active soldier in arguably one of the most feared and finest military ever known to man.

From parachuting into some of the deadliest war zones on earth, to delivering aids to disaster stricken countries at a moment's notice. Protecting Her Majesty's sovereign from the global threat of terrorism both at home and abroad is vital in my line of work.

My job entails (Signals), with the primary duty to provide state-of-the-art radio communications to fellow soldiers on the frontline. I am also a Physical Training Instructor which has equipped me in public speaking and working as a team which I hope will benefit me in mooting. I am disciplined, self-motivated and determined.

My experience in the Military has taught me that failure is not an option and as such, I intend to utilise my determination and discipline to always attend lectures, submit my course-works within stipulated time and abide by the rules and regulations of your renowned citadel of learning.

I am also a keen athlete. I enjoy running, swimming and football. I am a member of an athletics club and recently ran the London marathon. Reading is vital to me so having read countless legal materials, 'Just law' by Helen Kennedy really amused me. It gives a riveting study of issues such as the right to privacy and the increase in electronic surveillance.

She examines the huge increase in the number of women in prison, the inequities of the welfare system, she also probed into issues that involves our relationship with other states: asylum, immigration and terrorism, the fear of being deliberately used by the government to roll back our liberties, the unpopular laws which threaten civil liberties and the unjust treatment of ethnic minorities.

The privilege of pursuing a demanding course like Law in your reputable institution and meeting other fine legal minds will be a life-changing opportunity.

This will not only partly fulfil my dreams of being a Lawyer but also nurture me to be the harbinger of justice and the rule of law. I believe this must humbly start with a place at your prestigious university to pursue a bachelor of laws degree.

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This personal statement was written by IVE3 for application in 2012.

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London South Bank University
University of Greenwich
London School of Economics

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