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I have chosen a law degree because it will enable me to study criminal and human rights law in more depth. This course has a practical and theoretical basis, which I find fascinating, and will expand my knowledge; it will also help me understand legal aspects of law and their impact on society.

The society we live in is governed and influenced by the rule of law. In my native country, Zimbabwe the rule of law and human rights records are disappointing and as a result I have suffered alongside other people. I intend to support and defend the not so fortunate from the perpetrators, and also corporately initiate a stand for a fairer and democratic society that promotes rule of law.

At present I am a student undertaking an Access to HE Diploma - Combined Studies. The subjects covered are psychology, sociology, ICT and law. These subjects will reinforce my skills of constructive debating, problem solving and evaluation, as I feel these are all important skills to possess when studying law. I have a great passion for the subject of law. I enjoy reading newspapers, watching CNN and Sky News. This keeps me informed on national and international current issues and also increases my knowledge.

I also read The Telegraph in order to keep track of changes and updates in the law and legal profession. I am ambitious, hardworking and disciplined, with many transferable skills. I am a father of two children, Parent Governor, charity fundraising representative, Student Representative at college and a local church Pastor.

These roles have taught me people and organisational skills. Furthermore, the enthusiasm and aspiration to succeed in my studies and pursue my chosen career in Law, has been demonstrated by the decision to resign from a full time management role, in which I worked as a Co-ordinator for the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University.

I have also worked in catering and engineering industries in various roles, which have enabled me to possess good, well developed qualities and skills such as customer service, presentation, problem solving techniques and data analysis. I am able to confidently and effectively work as part of a team and equally so when working independently.

I often participate in activities that will further develop my abilities and skills. For example at church I will participate in debates with other pastors, as a method of teaching. This requires plenty of research on the subject, preparation and presentation.

I can balance my home, work and college life well. Last year I enrolled to study literacy and numeracy. The course was for one year but I managed to complete it in four months and I passed both subjects. This has ignited my passion to further my studies into Higher Education with the intention to progress on to university.

I have spent two weeks attending the Swindon Magistrates Courts to gain a more in depth understanding of the legal system in the courts and how lawyers carry out their duties. I have been able to observe how the Law can influence many aspects, including building and animal rights. I am also working on a voluntary basis for the Wiltshire Law Firm in Swindon to gain experience of what the profession is like first-hand.

The ability to discipline myself is the driving factor in my overall success. My achievement this year was to plan a fund-raising event for the victims of human rights in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. This event was held in three different cities and was a huge success. My determination and zeal I feel, make me an appropriate candidate, for the law degree course and life in the university.

I like to travel and socialise. During my spare time, I like to play the keyboard and gospel music. I hope to join the university entertainment team, as I feel these activities will all help to build and develop my personal confidence skills further. When I have achieved my degree, my ambition in life is to become a Lawyer, and work to help make a difference and improve the quality of life for many people.

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This personal statement was written by stephebn for application in 2012.

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University of The West of England, Bristol
Oxford Brookes University
The University of Gloucestershire
The University of Reading

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