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Due to the uncodified nature of the British constitution I note that UK laws and customs are constantly evolving to suit the ever-changing society that Britons live in. This places additional pressures on key UK legal professionals like judges who are continuously required to interpret statutes in the process of various legal cases as well as adapt to unique situations that arise where no legal precedent may be present.

For example, the A (Children) case, concerning new-born conjoined twins Jodie and Mary is one which immediately grabbed my attention, as three judges struggled to find a plausible solution to this case which struggled to reconcile basic conflicting rights such as the right to live with the right of parents to make choices.

Differences in culture and language is what makes the law so engaging. From living in Tottenham N17, one of the most ethnically diverse postcodes in the UK, I have come into contact with several deeply political and legal dilemmas. Such as the Tottenham riots, which till this day ignites anger and discouragement from a community already ridden with the general atmosphere of despair after the height of British youth violence in the years 2009-2011.

This was a direct attempt to replicate the elusive American gangster lifestyle which they did not succeed in doing, but meanwhile managed to wreck the sense of safety and community in the area.

In particular I am interested in the energy and oil aspect of the law. An interest in my background, led me to research into my country and later inspired me to explore a career in this field. Countries such as Nigeria, whilst also being in the midst of political and religious strife, are unable to improve and utilise their vast natural resource and struggle to fulfil the ambitious goals set for the MINT countries.

Along with this, for many locals there is an underlying aura of lawlessness. Where there is no dominant religion, religious discord is common and in Nigeria, it bears the face of the militant group Boko Haram. The presence of anarchy is reflected not only in my background but in my wider studies.

In the novel The Lord of the Flies, the portrayal of a lawless society albeit through the impressionable minds of sheltered British school boys, has stuck with me throughout my final years of secondary education. The image of rapid descent into complete chaos without the ever-present constraint that laws provide is haunting.

Even our forefathers, the Greeks and Romans held contempt for societies which did not bare the basic template of what they believed resembled civilisation. In Homer's Odyssey, we see the Cyclopes who were without laws to bond them as a society or to keep them in check. Here parallels can be drawn between the British navy members and the ever valiant Odysseus who both come to reinstall civilisation into these lost societies.

From studying classical civilisation and history, I have gained evaluative and analytical skills that have enabled me to look at past events with hindsight and interpret the situations given more neutrally. In Economics we study current affairs regarding the dynamic global economy, this means using hindsight is not always viable but my subjects have taught me to acquire a rounded view rather than take the information that is given to me.

By volunteering at a local secondary school teaching history during my AS year, I have learnt responsibility. Having a duty to these children, enhanced my ability to handle my academics with outside obligations.

Being on the basketball and netball teams I have gained both teamwork and leadership skills. These skills were transferable during my work experience at a law firm, where I worked with a large group analysing case studies and interpreting motives and outcomes.

To conclude, my time spent at the Sutton Trust summer school in Durham greatly strengthened my decision to pursue a career in law and I anticipate the challenges and rewards that lie ahead.

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Due to the uncodified nature of the British constitution I note that UK laws and customs are constantly evolving to suit the ever-changing society that Britons live in...


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