Law and Politics Personal Statement Example 4

Human rights infringements, widespread poverty, economic dependence on advanced states, unstable governments, high rates of illiteracy, disease, population growth, but still wealthy ruling elites. All these are the common traits of the Third World Countries.

Going weekly through the pages of "Newsweek", "The Economist"and "Toward Freedom" I convinced myself that their only hope of restoration is the way of politics. Unconditional cooperation with non-governmental organisations, with United Nations, European Parliament and European Commission, change of governmental attitude and commitment towards such problems, and firmly establishing a legal frame are part of what I like to call the fascinating game of politics.

A game that, by high education level, intense motivation and determination I can surely win. As an active member of the student council, where often similar procedures as in court are used, I learned these years that in order to succeed in defending, attacking or just presenting an idea you need to remain impartial, give pertinent arguments and above all you need to acquire a logical reasoning competence. And so I did. Interested in improving my skills, I regularly began to visit the public gallery and attended various local sessions in Court under the direct guidance of a judge, Mrs. Cristina Todiresei.

In my quest of understanding the way politics operates in current affairs, I joined the European Youth Parliament. Attending more than 10 sessions and acting as a representative of my country for international sessions increased my ability to formulate and structure arguments and made me realise that the art of handling sensitive affairs consists in diplomacy.

All this naturally led to my taking the floor within the European Parliament in Brussels in front of an audience including Heads of European Commissions and representatives of the European Parliament. Working in these challenging international environments made me wish for more.

This is why I began my activity within Model United Nations and next summer I will join the Presidential Classroom. I have always considered school a real challenge. Strongly believing that information gives me the free-pass to be active in transforming the society, I chose to study a wide range of subjects.

Having my high-school curricula based on Exact Sciences, I gained a good mathematical thinking ability and a greater self-management of time. Hard study has always been a priority for me, but I became aware that direct experience, living among others, is maybe more important. Considering it, two years ago I organised two camps for mentally disabled children and for orphans as a Red Cross volunteer in partnership
with the Swiss Red Cross.

Last year I was involved in a Red Cross emergency situation: helping flood victims and co-organizing a massive and successful fund raising. Besides the organisational skills trained, the social challenges I had to face increased my experience in dealing with difficult situations.

Considering lecture a real gateway to new inspiring horizons I discovered Gandhi's writings, I became interested in his political thought and fascinated by Oriental cultures. Sports also have a special role in my life. Practicing basket for the last three years and getting in touch with strong opponents, trained not only my ambition and endurance capacity but also taught me that it is up to me how much time, energy and effort I want to invest in order to meet the summit.

Languages are also in my area of great interest, having good command at English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and, recently, Hindi. Mahatma Gandhi said "I have the belief that I can do it; I will surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning."

Highly motivated to pursue my career in politics and law I sincerely believe that your excellent teachers will rigorously coordinate my academic training being pleased with my stubborn determination to learn more and more.

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This personal statement was written by Monroe for application in 2010.

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School of Oriental and African Studies

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