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When some people hear the word "law" the first thing that comes to their mind is a newspaper headline they saw about a notorious criminal being brought to book. And more often than not, we think of the law as an oppressive state apparatus used by leaders to limit the freedom and liberty of people.

These definitions are not necessarily wrong but my understanding and interest of law over the years have opened my mind to new and more flexible dimensions of the subject. It is this interesting and versatile nature of law coupled with my desire to stand up for the oppressed that influenced my decision to study it at the university.

As a result of my growing interest and love for the humanities such as law, I picked up subjects like literature, government and religious studies in my senior years of high school because I was curious about the things that took place outside the confinement of my immediate environment.

I think I have most if not all of the right skills and attributes required to study this course in order to become a well-seasoned lawyer. I see myself as a smart, dedicated and purpose driven individual who is willing to influence the lives of others positively no matter how small.

In addition to my stellar academic repute over the years, I have taken up some leadership roles like being elected as a group leader for a project work once, and generally being responsible for my own actions while at home and in the boarding school. All these definitely had an impact on my life as I am now aware that I have to be a good example to others through my actions.

Pardon my use of the rather cliche saying which goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" in order to express my views on the issue of extracurricular activities. After realising the importance of indulging in these activities in all areas of life, I began to dedicate more time for sports like Volleyball and Basketball as well as mind games such as Scrabble, card games and puzzles. Participating in these activities inculcated the spirit of teamwork and tolerance in me as well as improving my thinking ability.

My enthusiasm for the written and spoken art pushed me to be more involved in the literary world in terms of writing, editing and publishing articles like poems and inspirational articles with the view of helping the society in my own little way. Acting has also changed my mindset on a lot of things as I was able to come out of my shell to expand my potential beyond the walls of a classroom.

A month before my graduation from high school, I was opportune to work as a student teacher at a nursery school. The long and rigorous one month exercise instilled the habit of punctuality and good work ethics in me. It gave me the knowledge of how institutions like the school work and I was able to interact with wonderfully diverse people. I learnt that as a lawyer, punctuality, organisation and good communication skills are the bedrock of your success.

In addition to that, I also engaged in a computer training program because of my thirst for knowledge. In the course of my training, I learnt how to create or design documents and brochures and my newfound knowledge was facilitated by frequent tests and examinations. One day, I dream of setting up a computer training business because of my goal to incorporate my skills and potential into other areas or aspects.

I know that the University is a life changing experience and that is why I chose to study in one of the most developed nations in the world which is the UK. Another factor that influenced my decision is the stable economy and the naturally serene environment for tourists and students alike. After years of working as a qualified lawyer, I plan on exploring my skills further and setting up a law firm and a media company. These will be done with the sole aim of ameliorating my country's economy and reputation worldwide.

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I'm an international student wishing to study law in the UK this year. This personal statement went through series of re-drafting before it was finally submitted to my chosen Universities. I feel it's good enough, any opinions?


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