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When the teacher said to stop debating, I understood that this is what I wanted to do. I never thought about doing something that would give me adrenaline even while I am working.

As I spent my life in three different countries, I saw the enormous differences between Russian, Italian and English legal systems and I became more and more interested in finding out ways in which legislations could be improved or parliamentary omissions by confronting countries and also see how the legislations were translated in Russian, Italian, Spanish and English language.

I came to England because I think that the English system, offers the best way of studying and in the future it will give me a lot of chances. Another reason that brought me here is that I absolutely love being surrounded by different cultures and as I speak four different languages, I can also practice them.

When I arrived to the UK, I managed to be more independent and I found out many new sides to my personality. I became a more responsible person and I am now more open with people. As I enjoy meeting new people, I like to share my ideas with them and I am now able to understand whether I am able to trust the person who I am speaking to.

I was president of the school for two years and I saw that it is a lot of work and it is really interesting to help organising events, talk to people and be responsible for it.

For my A-Levels, I chose Politics, Psychology, Law and Spanish as they help me to understand today's society, political and legal systems. I understood that people in the past were very clever, sometimes even more clever than today's people as they were the first ones to discover a lot of basic important things.

Politics helped me to understand and learn some important English rules and statutes that I was then able to use during my law lessons. I can now understand easily how politics can be useful in some areas of law but also how legislations can be improved in a better way to offer a better quality of living for people.

In my free time, I love reading books, dancing and going out with my friends. My favourite book is “Hidden Love” wrote by an Afghan woman which shows how their culture difference from ours.

This book opened up a new way of thinking in me and now when I talk to foreign people, mostly coming from countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, I try to find out as much as possible about their way of living their own life while being “ dictated” by their government and religion. I find that some people, mostly women, don't have enough protection and rights, and this is what I found really frustrating.

I played the piano since I was 9 and I was very enthusiastic when I won the Italian national music contest at the age of 12. I can relate to music when I don't feel well and I love singing to feel better once again. Sport is also part of my life; I started playing tennis when I was 6 and I won several competitions and although I suffered a bad injury to my knee, I don't think about giving up playing.

I was also part of the girls football team for two years and I really enjoyed the team part of the game. It was wonderful to play football with other girls that enjoyed the spirit of the game as much as I did.

My theory of life is to live the moment “Carpe Diem”, like the Latin used to say. I don't believe that our life is written already somewhere in the universe. I prefer to think that every action that we do, takes us somewhere and that if people will live their lives as much as they can, they will go away from this planet with a smile on their faces.

This is why I try to balance my studies and my free time. If I see that I worked hard enough to achieve a good grade or I passed well an exam, I allow myself to have some fun, some free time.

Life is always about giving and taking back something and I think that if one day I will be able to become a solicitor, I will be able to help who needs it and at the end I will be happy about what I did.

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This personal statement was written by Dianetta for application in 2008.

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I seriously don't know what to think about my P.S.


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I love it!!!

I love it!!!
it tells a story, I wish i could read more. Loved the way you related it to being a solicitor, very catchy! good look!

Don't listen to these people.

Don't listen to these people. You've made horrible grammatical errors. Your statement is weak and you've missed the point of law if you think it's entirely about arguing.

Excellent!!! Really good!

Excellent!!! Really good! Love the way you tell the story. The one thing that'll make you stand out from the rest is if you put down that you've understood what you're dealing with. That you know what this path requires, and you're prepared to go through with it.

excellent brother,i m jelous

excellent brother,i m jelous

Where is the bit about law...

Where is the bit about law... This statement is awful

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