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The 42 Day Detention, the National DNA database, the Lisbon Treaty, the Embryology Bill. Law surrounds us. It has evolved from the fundamental needs of society for structure and justice and it is part of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

I am fascinated by the prospect of studying law and its development in line with society's needs, because it is academically challenging and constantly evolving. My recent interest in the relatively rare miscarriages of justice has arisen because of the release of Barry George. I have researched on the internet and read books such as 'Presumed Guilty' by Michael Mansfield about such cases in the UK and the USA. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to study law, as I want to further my knowledge of criminal law and its successes and failures.

My long-term goal is to combine my knowledge of French with my interest in law by achieving the maitrise en droit after the LLB in Britain. I read 'L'express' weekly to increase my understanding of the language and remain informed of the political, social and cultural news of France. I plan to apply for deferred entry to university and to take a gap year in order to live and work in France, thereby increasing my knowledge of the culture but also improving my French language skills.

My enjoyment of languages has encouraged me to take sign language lessons in school, in order to improve my communication skills. I have also developed an interest in etymology and last year I began to tutor a Year 7 Polish pupil in English. This year, I assist in a Year 7 French class, but I especially enjoy the experience of tutoring a foreign language student, as it has improved my interpersonal and communication skills significantly, as well as allowing me to use my patience and sensitivity.

I have furthered my knowledge of a career in law with work experience at a local solicitor's this summer. This provided me with an insight into the everyday tasks a solicitor undertakes and gave me the opportunity to see how the law can directly affect people. Furthermore, I shadowed a Barrister at Cardiff Crown Court during half term and I regularly visit the public gallery. This has allowed me to observe the more formal nature of the law in practice and how a Barrister's role varies greatly from that of a solicitor.

I also attended a law summer school focusing particularly on media law, where we had to individually research our cases and build up an argument for our client whom we then defended in the court chambers. Last year, I took part in the European Youth Parliament in Swansea, for which I researched the given proposal on the economic sanctions of Zimbabwe. I and others argued our case in a parliament setting, which led to the resolution being passed. I thoroughly enjoyed these experiences, as I found them very stimulating and they made me realise that I actually enjoy public speaking.

As well as helping in lessons during my free time in school, I help in the community. I spent last summer volunteering at Oxfam, and as part of my Welsh Baccalaureate, within a team, I raised money for a local organisation aimed at helping children with mental health issues. This has enhanced my organisational skills and my ability to work in a team effectively. Outside school, I appreciate creative arts and I enjoy drawing, writing short stories and articles. I have had several articles published in my local newspaper and on websites. When at university, I would like to be involved in contributing to the student publication.

I believe that my skills and experiences have equipped me for the demanding but excitingacademic challenge that a degree in law provides.

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This personal statement was written by alaylach for application in 2009.

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This is my final draft and has been sent off.

Bristol- Still waiting
Exeter- Offer AAA
Leicester- Offer AAA
Warwick- Offer AAA
Sheffield- Offer AAA or AA and welsh bac


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I read the first few lines

I read the first few lines and was already bored and I'm not even an admissions officer. It seems a bit arrogant also. I hope it has gotten a place in university for its writer, but it just doesn't appeal to me, and I am surprised it has been "top rated". It goes to show, students should write their own thoughts and hopes, not look at someone else's to "get an idea". Everyone has been given what they should write about one needs to be influenced by some not very wise 18 year old.

too long

i think its too long and boring.

i was worrying about what to

i was worrying about what to write but now i know what not to write.

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