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My study of law has enhanced my desires to work within the courts, and to pursue a career in commercial law. I have been involved in many extra curricular activities concerning law.

I attended an LNAT workshop hosted by Durham University as well as law lectures such as that given by experienced lawyer Lynda Hall on fox hunting. These experiences have helped to improve my knowledge and understanding of the subject along with my abilities to critically discuss and analyse situations, policies and case studies.

My interest in law has grown rapidly through studying the subject at A-Level. Discussions of how the law has developed and changed through time, how it is created and what are the implications relating to language, has led me to think more critically about important everyday issues.

Working with others in the classroom has developed my skills in communicating my ideas whilst co-operating with those around me, as well as constructing my own view. Attending the debating society and student union within school has helped to further improve my skills in the use of specific terminology.

My philosophical studies at A-Level have heightened my awareness of political opinions, views and issues concerning both Ancient Greek and modern day philosophers whilst discussing current issues with the control and powers of modern state.

This has taught me the opportunity to progress skills in debate and communication whilst learning the history of political development. Philosophy has helped me to channel my thoughts as to how others think. I have grasped advanced philosophical terminology and can now form a sound argument.

I have also studied English Language at A-Level and Art at AS. My studies in English Language have enabled me to improve my interpretations of both law and philosophical texts with greater understanding developing a strong threshold for grammar.

In terms of non-academic activities, I uphold a part time job as a waitress, four days a week, which helps my communication skills. I have also played a key role in fundraising for charities such as Banardos raising around £2000. I am sociable and spend time with my friends and family. I apply a great deal of enthusiasm and diligence in all aspects of my life and work hard to achieve my potential.

Studying at university will give me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of all aspects of life as well as giving me the prospect to pursue a career in law. The chance to meet new people and explore new environments is always appealing to me and I feel that I would gain both academically and personally from university life.

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This personal statement was written by Kerren for application in 2008.

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i'm aiming for either law in edinburgh or philosophy in newcastle uni


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I think this was a good

I think this was a good personal statement, though it seems like all of your "facts" makes it all a bit dry. It is also a bit short, perhaps you could use some of your "remaining words" to make a real red tread?

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