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Injustices exist everywhere. Current affairs daily reveal the devastating conflicts which have consumed certain peoples, but one does not need to scour the world to find these issues. I myself have been witness to countless cruelties on a more personal level, and together these experiences have served to strengthen my desire to work for the institution which brings about equity to all in our country.

So what does law mean to me? To me, law means hope. Hope for all the people who have suffered at the hands of criminals in this society we all live and breathe in.

The law offers justice,and provides the support and stability that helps us all sleep peacefully at night. Just as medicine provides the means to save peoples lives, in the same way, I believe law also saves people during times of tragedy and trauma.

Through the reading of both national and international newspapers, I have become interested in the wrongs of the system, such as the breaches of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights around the globe, and this
has fuelled my intense desire to be a part of the solution.

My two-week work experience over the summer of 2008 confirmed my aspiration to work in thelegal profession. I worked in the reception of Rafiq and Hussain Solicitors in East London,and shadowed the solicitors on their day to day routines.

This provided me with a valuable insight into the legal sector and enhanced my knowledge of the field.I also attended a one week summer school at Oxford University, organised by the Sutton trust.This meeting with like minded individuals was a fantastic experience. I attended lectures on topics such as tort and contract law and also issues concerning the European Union.

I took part in seminars which allowed me to put forward ideas on controversial issues in a justified and objective manner. Leading the life of an undergraduate studying Law enhanced my repertoire of legal workings and left me very excited about undertaking a Law degree myself.

My study of sociology has contributed greatly to my understanding of the way society functions, and psychology has informed me of the subtle workings of the human mind. I have been especially intrigued by the study of criminals; an area I hope to pursue during my degree.

In my spare time I enjoy babysitting my young cousins and organising activities for their amusement.

My family often call upon me to plan their key events and parties; a task I take great pride in. I also love drama. I have actively participated in drama productions during my academic career and hope to join a local Drama Club to sustain this interest. I am a voracious reader particularly of the thriller genre and have also tried my hand at foreign novels.

I work at British Home Stores at the weekends, where I am continually developing my communication and assistance skills.

Within my sixth form, I am a part of the prefect committee, taking the role of senior prefect in charge of charitable events. This I believe shows my excellent organisational skills, as well as the ability to lead others and work under pressure.

Even before taking up the role of a prefect I have always been a person with a strong and vibrant personality, with the ability to persuade and negotiate-skills that I feel would be highly valued whilst practicing law. From a young age, teachers and others likewise have commented on my particular flair in debating and all aspects of English, particularly analytical tasks.

I am an individual who holds a great deal of ambition in my heart, and am set on becoming the best in whichever field of law I choose to specialise in.

My time at university will be, I am sure, one of the best of my life. I relish a challenge and the prospect of going to a top university and being an integral part of a student body is exhilarating. My drive and self motivation is what I am sure will make me excel at university and definitely raise standards.

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This personal statement was written by anam2705 for application in 2009.

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just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions on my personal statement. I've applied to Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Birmingham, Queen Marys and Kings. Any comments would be much appreciated!


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Interesting statement

Interesting statement, have you got any offers? What is your LNAT score?
I'll be going to KCL.


Heey Anam. This is a very appealing personal statement and u have mentioned some benefits of why u doing law which is good:) Can i plz have ur contact details somehow so i can email u or something.. as am stuck in doing my personal statement. I need to submit mine in 20 dayz:( Hope u wudd helpp . Thanks alot;)

Hiya I'm in the middle of

Hiya I'm in the middle of writing my P.S and yours really helped me to make a strong introduction and conclusion so thank you! Good Luck with your future and I hope that all goes well. xx

Really like this PS. Very

Really like this PS. Very interesting to read. Has given me a starting point for my PS.

Very unique and passionate, I

Very unique and passionate, I like it. :)

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