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My desire to study law developed initially from my genuine interest in the justice system. In recent years I have taken an interest in various cases of miscarriage of justice and property rights and have followed these cases right through to their judgements, trying to draw my own conclusions.

I also have a keen interest in various types of law and am extremely attracted to pursuing a career commercial law. Commercial law is dynamic and constantly changing, adapting to the modern global economy and it would therefore challenge me to use the skills I have acquired while being a student of law.

The current financial credit crunch has thrown up a number of serious questions about how business should be controlled and undoubtedly, new regulations and laws will have to be promulgated to restore faith in these global institutions.

I feel that I could be successful in the legal profession, as I have the necessary range of skills such as problem solving, which I have gained through breaking down case laws and finding the reason for the ratio decidendi. I have obtained communication skills through presentations and discussion of work with others in the class and independent thinking through mock exams.

Also the Psychology A-Level I have has aided me in observing the actions of others and how their opinions and memories are influenced by external factors. This area of work requires much confidence which I believe I possess and can use to my advantage in order to gain recognition in this competitive field of work.

My work experiences include working as a sales assistant at the retail store Blue Inc, and as a receptionist at a take away. During my time at Blue Inc I have been able acquire skills such as customer interfacing, where I was able to communicate with the customers clearly and understand their needs.

This will help me in the future when I will have to interview clients. Another skill I gained was while I was working at the take away. There I learned to write clearly and effectively when taking orders from customers on the phone. Plus I learned to deal with angry customers and was able to calm down the situation on a number of occasions.

These skills too will help me to stay calm in pressurised situations and deal with furious clients. Other skills I have are that I am a qualified first aider. This skill will aid the firm I will be working as it broadens my job area. My hobbies include playing football; where I developed teamwork and leadership skills, boxing; where I learned discipline and controlling anger etc.

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This personal statement was written by sum1ne for application in 2009.

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just the first draft. feel free to give advice on anything else i should add or remove. thanks.


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