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My desire to study law developed initially from my genuine interest in the justice system. In recent years I have taken an interest in various cases of miscarriage of justice and property rights and have followed these cases right through to their judgements, trying to draw my own conclusions.

I also have a keen interest in commercial law and am extremely attracted to pursuing a career within this field. Commercial law is dynamic and constantly changing, adapting to the modern global economy, and it would therefore challenge me with intellectually stimulating work.

The current financial credit crunch has thrown up a number of serious questions about how business should be controlled and undoubtedly, new regulations and laws will have to be promulgated to restore faith in these global institutions.

I believe that I could be successful in the legal profession, as I have the necessary range of skills such as problem solving, communication and independent thinking. Throughout my school life I have worked extremely hard, and this is reflected in my results, which have been consistently A grades.

Apart from being academically successful, I have the drive and determination needed to succeed on a very challenging course. I have decided to continue with all four subjects at A level, having been stimulated by the intellectual rigor of the work at AS level.

In each subject I have been able to extend my understanding of elements in the course; for example, in English literature I have researched 14th Century society to see how the role of women changed as a result of the 'Black Death' and compared this with how Geoffrey Chaucer depicts women in 'The Nun's Priest's Tale.'

Similarly, in History I have independently researched various opinions of Italian Unification to draw my own conclusion as to whether Italy was unified by conflict or co-operation. This gives evidence that I am capable of making the kind of detailed evaluation necessary in law.

In March 2008, I undertook a period of work experience with Eversheds Solicitors in Cardiff. I worked as part of a team in the LSG Litigation Department and was able to study fraud and liability cases, another area in which I have a keen interest. I was able to use my problem-solving skills to work successfully alongside a solicitor on a case of alleged fraud.

I also worked with the team leader to prepare a bundle for councel and worked on my own, drafting chronologies. Due to the strength of my first chronology, I was asked to prepare another. I have also attended Brecon County Court, observing cases such as a drink-drive case, where I was able to communicate with solicitors, who gave me added insight into the subject.

This experience illustrated to me how much work is involved in law. However, I also witnessed that solicitors had a passion for their profession, and this gave me further incentive to pursue this particular career.

As well as my academic achievements, I have regularly played for the school orchestra and with Brecon Town Band. I have been elected as House Captain and Deputy Head Girl of the school, having been Head Girl of Middle School.

I am very proud of these roles which I feel are rewards for the commitment I have shown throughout my school life. They demonstrate that my peers have recognised my hard work and determination and feel that they can trust me.

I believe that the responsibilities bestowed upon me have allowed me to develop valuable skills such as working as part of a team and integrating with other people, which I understand are essential elements for anyone pursuing a career in law.

I am fully aware of how physically and mentally demanding law can be. However, law can also offer the kind of challenge and rewards that are commensurate with the effort I am prepared to make. Law offers a level of intellectual stimulation that I will relish and I look forward to developing a career within this fascinating and challenging discipline.

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This personal statement was written by vickyrulz for application in 2009.

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Please could you tell me any thing thats good/ not good on here??


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I don't understand why this

I don't understand why this has 5 stars because it seems to be unbelievably short. You did say it's "brainstrmd" so I'm guessing that it's unfinished. It sounds incredible so far so good luck and tell us if you get in?

I am just begining to wirte

I am just begining to wirte my personal statement aswell, i have done a lot of research and have been given a lot of advice. If i may i would like to pass on just a small criticism, you are using "I" too much to begin sentences. Try to have more variation. Otherwise I think you are off to a good start! Best of luck

if this is your new draft,

if this is your new draft, then all i can say is that i'd REALLY hate to see the first one....
it was boring to say the least (and i mean the very least), and oh my god do you sound like a stuck-up so and so...
i think i prefer the piss-take one about 'helping the bad manz'. at least it had some energy and,
oh yeah, and quit talking about what all the different types of law are (okay, we all get it, you've done a bit of research), because, believe it or not, i reckon the law admissions staff know all that already.
but still, best of luck and all that.

ignored the knobs that slated

ignored the knobs that slated you for this statement, its brilliant

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