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My desire to study law arose at the beginning of my AS level course in sociology. This was the point that I realised the complexity of society in today's era, and that law affected everything within this society from abortion, crime and even the structure of society itself.

This made me ask myself, why are certain laws enforced? Such as when is it right to adjudicate when abortion should be deemed illegal? Why should bigamy be illegal here and not in other parts of the world? From this, I consider I am suited to a career in this field because these questions interested me greatly.

My main interest within law is criminal law. This arose from my AS psychology lessons, which has made me ask, why would someone commit a crime?

This enthusiasm has been further strengthened by my A2 Sociology course, in which I am studying crime and deviance which has looked at many different explanations for why people commit crime, from economic to genetic factors. My interest in this aspect has strengthened my desire to study Law because it is covered in the first year.

I believe I am suited to a career in law because I am a confident person who has the necessary maturity and persona to talk effectively in public situations. My A level subjects have also improved my writing skills considerably, allowing me to write concisely and make in depth analysis, which I believe means I can cope with every written aspect of the course.

My sociology lessons often involve debates among a variety of issues, including those in crime and deviance, which I believe has improved my communication skills and ability to look at others viewpoints by being less objective. My A level ICT course has also enabled me to gain a good knowledge and understanding of an area which is certain to be more prevalent in the world around us.

As well as the qualities mentioned above, I feel I have the necessary ambition and work ethic for a career in law. This is shown by grades at both GCSE and AS level where I have surpassed my target grade in the vast majority of subjects. This shows I can be expected to meet the demands of this course, which I recognise is a challenge. But I enjoy a challenging subject as it allows me to push my potential to its fullest and to be more involved in the subject.

I have always been a sociable person; during years at high school I have been involved in numerous sports teams inside and outside of school. I played for my local football team for ten years while many of my friends left, which shows the commitment that I give to everything I undertake.

Since I have started my A levels these activities outside of school have been less regular, mainly due to the amount of work that I have given to my studies which again shows I am a hardworking and committed student as I have given up something I enjoyed greatly to succeed in other areas.

My ambition after completion of this course is to eventually become a barrister, which I identify, is a difficult and long process. I first aim to get involved in debating societies and mooting to improve my communication skills and ability to argue my case. I then intend to apply at Chambers for a mini-pupillage in my second year which will help me gain some valuable experience.

I believe these will help me to identify which areas of law I wish to work in and to gain experience of a career in this field of work. I feel that experiencing what a career in law is like will show me what I am working towards and consequently make me strive to reach that goal.

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