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The legal system continues to absorb my attention to this very day. Something which bought forward this eagerness was how the legal system protects our social rights, civil liberties and sets an absence of coercion, yet how we, as a society continue to abuse and violate all of these.

I have studied upon many of the areas of Law and found Civil rights to enthral me the most. For the very reason, that without the civil right legislation we would still in the 90’s mist of chaotic inequality.

Another reason why civil liberties has intrigued is the very reason that I cannot begin to fathom just how much the legal system have progressed since the iconic figures have passed, who fought to see inequality abolished. With each generation comes progression of freedom from oppression and I wish to be part of that progression.

I believe experiencing Law in the real world has broadened my deep enthusiasm for it. In my spare time, I have visited several Magistrate and Crown Courts, to be able to feel firsthand just how legal proceedings impact on lives. The tense moments leading up to the consequences of the actions taken, leads me to believe we have a world which is progressing in terms of justice and equality.

Where there are realisations are being made that actions will cause a ripple effect within the whole of society. I also knew, after visiting these courts and as well as reading ‘The Rule Of Law’ by Tom Bingham, if anything was going to more exciting it would be to study law itself.

After studying Business for three years, I knew without a doubt it would be one of my A Level options. Business studies drew me in, when I came to realisation of how much it affects every single one of us, from demand and supply of consumers to marketing strategies, I have not regretted choosing business once.

Almost every unit of work which I had completed had further taught me about commercial law, which is initially where my interest in law rose from. Business studies have changed me in endless ways, particularly after studying business Ethics I began to think in a more analytical way, evaluating whether certain choices which businesses make could be strategically made better.

With my interest in law stemming, I looked at ways to integrate my studies to fit around law, so I chose to do a specific study on business law, of which many of my tasks was to evaluate the effectiveness of many systems in court, after which I have also become more open minded, to accepting opinions of everyone and new ideas, but also persuading people to mine.

I was also part of the very few, (25 out of 400) applicants to be accepted at Anglia Ruskin University business summer school, which provided me with an in-depth understanding of university life.

I.T was also something which sparked enthusiasm in me; my belief was that regardless of the job, IT is something which aids us in our everyday life. I.T A level is a very vocational qualification, as it developed my knowledge of our every changing advanced technology industry and as such has been a huge benefit to me.

IT taught me a lot in regards to the laws and regulations regarding copyright infringement, patent infringement which has equipped me with knowledge on correct usage regarding legality in different areas. I also, was chosen to receive the only I.T award in my last year of sixth form for the most commitment towards the subject.

To be able to build a strong academic and social life is the key. In my spare time I became a personal trainer for my brother in his boxing matches; it taught me that both triumph and failures aid us in shaping who we are. Another one of my many interests in my spare time is tennis, alongside playing for a basketball club which both allow me to gain a healthy lifestyle.

I have volunteered at Keech’s Hospice as well as setting up three successful charity events, one charity in support of women’s rights, which was praised for the highest money raised. As well as this, I have helped in running two multicultural events in my local community. This has given me the skills to be able to communicate with different cultures and more effectively gain some invaluable experience.

I also joined a book club in aid of helping children read, this provided me with a sense of responsibility, time keeping skills and the ability to understand the needs of different age groups. My local community has always meant a great deal with me, this is why I underwent a work placement with the local council which entailed everything, from helping youths to attending meetings.

After how much I have learnt and experienced from Law already, I cannot possibly see myself doing anything else beside it.

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