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When I inform people of my intentions to study law at university, they tend to look at me with a look of shock, horror and dismay.

I, however cannot comprehend why it is a “weird” for a unique and diverse Muslim male who happens to fashion green hair cannot have a profound interest in law.

There was a time, when I thought law was about Ally McBeal & Order, after conducting extensive research for law I come to the conclusion that a) I watched too much television and b) Law is a powerful....

I live in an area where crime has increased rapidly over the years. Cases such as a 2 year old girl getting stabbed by her mother have been a subject of community gossip instead of shock. Shootings and stabbings have become nothing of a surprise as society has seemingly become desensitised to the law.

I have given up trying to understand why people commit these acts; a successful year of psychology AS has taught me the mind is a perplexing construction. Instead I'm adamant to do something actively than just SAY that I'm doing something & for me law is the way forward

Law acts as an intricate theoretical and practical system, which has a great effect in our everyday lives. Specific areas of law I anticipate studying include criminal law and also Tort law as reading, Brian Heap's, “Law Casebook” has stimulated my mind. Human Rights law also became an interest of mine when media coverage of the ongoing Terri Schiavo case intrigued me.

A topic which interests me is the evolving subject of history, much like the developments in the legal world.

On completion of my GCSE year, I was presented with the prestigious Historian of the Year award, an accolade that I greatly accepted. My dedication to my studies, particularly my interest in History had proven itself & I continue to strive for the same success in my important A-Level year.

Studying English literature is an appreciative art. As a reader the possibilities are endless for what you can extract and analyse from strings of words and decipher different perspective. What I find fascinating about sociology is that, whatever the topic, there are different explanations from different theoretical perspectives.

One viewpoint has led me to value law as a component that is crucial to society, to maintain social solidarity and the well-being of a community, rules and regulations must be a main element. Developing competent research skills & fine tuning by ability to critically analyse texts, skills will, I believe support my future in law.

To preparing myself for a career in law, I've involved myself in debating/mooting, on topics such as gun crime and homosexuality. Researching the topics extensively allowed me to appreciate both sides of the debate, put aside my personal feelings and like legal professionals, get on with the job.

Being selected as prefect and subsequently senior prefect built my confidence whilst proving myself as a trustworthy and reliable individual. I've recently been voted in as deputy head boy, a title which encourages my confidence to grow & as an individual to mature and develop.

Be it independently or within a team, I have had to organise talent shows, yearbooks and interview potential prefects.

Having secured a mini pupillage, which was awarded on a competitive basis by the Social Mobility Foundation, I had the opportunity of shadowing barristers and working in 2 Bedford Row Chambers.

Being able to spend days in court, consulting witnesses, clients, overlooking litigations and case notes ignited my interest into the English legal system, witnessing stimulating trials or even trivial hearings,

[[Court proceedings such as hearings and trials allowed me to realise that Law is the right degree for me, whilst the eclectic atmosphere within not only the courtroom but chambers cemented the fact that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

As I have familiarised myself with the intricate admissions of a Barrister career, to gain a further understanding of the life of solicitors, I have secured clerking work for the company Shepherd, Harris & Co, to allow me an advantage into both professions of law.

I consider myself to be quite a unique individual. The word, “Normal”, doesn't exist in my vocabulary, instead distinctive & different replace it. I dare to be different, not for attention, but to show people that if we all were imitations of each other, then society would be a dull place.

Defined as an individual who is not afraid to speak up for himself, a strong belief of using my right to freedom of expression where it is appropriate. I keep myself organised, balancing my social life with my education.

To relax, I have a keen interest in photography, considering myself as a amateur photographer and as a result, my camera has now become an extra limb.

Whenever time permits, I volunteer at the charity shop, “Help the Aged”, something which is rewarding in itself. Being part of the summer charity, “Envision”, I've contributed to raising money for CAFOD via creative decisions & partaking in workshops.

At some point in my studies, I plan to study abroad, favourably at an American institution. The English Legal System I'm sure will provide enough to stimulate my mind, yet I hope to experience a structure of law which is completely different to those in Europe and England. I intend to either study abroad via my course scheme or apply and partake in summer internships.

Every solicitor and barrister I have met has warned me that extensive reading is essential for a successful career. Luckily I am an avid reader, “To Kill A Mockingbird”, is a strong favourite of mine, while crime thrillers by Tess Gerritsen also interest me.

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This personal statement was written by FHNFredrick for application in 2008.

FHNFredrick's Comments

Very long at the moment. Need to shorten it down quite a bit. Some bits are brackets etc since I'm not sure whether to include them or not etc. I'm gonna move sections are too. Constructive criticism always welcome.

I'm not 100& on my choices yet but the ones i've got listed so far are:-

Queen Mary
& a few others



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Im well jealous! with a

Im well jealous! with a personal statement like that, you will be accepted to everywhere!!!... i like your use of humour, and i think it shows you have real determination and individuality!!! good luck!

i wanted to study law as well

i wanted to study law as well. however, my personal statement was NOTHING like yours.

At first i put a lot of jokes like you did.. then i scrapped everything and started again seriously.

Worked tho as i got into warwick and notingham on 2A's and a high B.

my advice to you... are you you for real? yeah you come across funny but honestly this could be better.

lose the jokes dude- they are not the greatest and my girlfriend started on jokes like yours for medicine and got four rejections!!!!

one more thing.... why is it you want to do law?????

but then again it depends on what unis your applying for.

remember tho.... most of the best unis want 3A'sat least if you are not predicted that it will be very hard for you.

But you never know.... just look at me....

its good though. I disagree

its good though. I disagree with the above fellow. You show that youhave different sides...

but there a few too many jokes

where are you applying???

pray do tell.

se12 man blup blup blup

Re:Comment by guest at 05/10/2007 14:37:19

I'm gonna try warwick too.

I don't think theres too many jokes, just the beginning one.
and it actually isnt a joke, i really did begin to think of a career in law when watching ally mcbeal.

It's a chance. I'd rather be myself and hope the university likes me for who i am than try and make my personal statement full of untruths about who i am, it is your "Personal statement", after all.

It still needs some work, but this is me.

i tried to explain why it is i wanted to do law. Just a general fascination and a combination of my wanting to help society and the individuals. we all need some help some time.

thanks for the criticism, it

thanks for the criticism, it really helps.

what do you mean by few too many jokes?

i think some of you think the green hair thing is a joke.
it's not. i really did have green hair [[currently changed it now to bright red]]

What wouldn't I give to get a

What wouldn't I give to get a chance to meet more people like you.
I'm writing my personal statement too. I wrote something just as witty and original and was so happy with it...until my brother read it and told me that they will LIKE it...but will not recommend it...Gah. Cruel, cruel world, innit?

Oh, and you need a more

Oh, and you need a more definite ending and need to shorten it up.
I also plan on applying to Warwick and Queen Mary. :)

the world is a cruel place.

the world is a cruel place.
But we can only do our best.

& i'm happy to talk to you otherwise. got myspazz or whatever?

yep i need to cut out ALOT! It's just hard trying to figure out what, how to reword etc etc

yay hopefully we'll both get in :]

I have facebook. :) Just

I have facebook. :) Just search me up as Mishaal Lakhani if you are on it.
Yep, HOPEFULLY. I have kinda of weird grades though.

My family happened to my

My family happened to my grades. I'm serious.
"You need to keep your options open.." Yak yakity yak yak.
Hence, I ended up with: Chemistry, Physics, Math, English Literature and Psychology. Even though all I wanted instead of Chem and Physics were Sociology and Economics. AND no Math. Sigh.

from Josie xxx







number 1 its too long ....
number 2 u need to work on how you sell yourself
number 3 stick to your main points and font balb on about uncertain things that will help you shorten it
number 4 think from the point of view of the person reading ur personal statement what would you want your student's ps to look like

what can you do with ur degree...what do you want to do to make a place better...erm also mention what you would do at uni too while ur there....

hope this helps
stop blabbing

hey one bit of advice, scrap

hey one bit of advice, scrap the abreviated "&" and actually write "and" :P It's nit-picky but i don't know if the uni's would like it. Good luck with your application.

The content is excellent, but

The content is excellent, but your grammar is appalling.

What's with all the mind

What's with all the mind boggling symbols, they make it look strange. ~%$@)(*±

thanks, yeah in my mind

thanks, yeah in my mind spazzing moments i changed all the ands to, "&" to try and save characters.
i changed them all back

other comment:
thanks and i've checked over the grammar and such.
it wasnt my first draft

other comment:
i have no idea about the weird symbols, they appeared when it got posted on here?

Really good ps so far.

Really good ps so far.
One criticism - I think it could do with a conclusion relating back to your enthusiasm to study law.
If you need to cut some words out I would forget the sentences about being different, as it doesn't reflect personal features you will bring to law, or why you want to study it.
TBH you have clearly shown so much effort in everything you have done I don't think your ps being slightly clumsy would deter universities from offering you a place (bar Oxbridge).
Well done and good luck.

Aliya Guest

I think ur personal statement is great, i really like how you've used humour. It made me laugh alot, you'll get through no worries :)


PLease please please lose the first line. That's such a bad impression to give to an admissions officer! You're surrounded by people who hate law?

It's quite good otherwise!

"The word, Normal doesn't

"The word, Normal doesn't exist in my vocabulary"

...Think about your audience, who will be reading this? I doubt they're going to be someone with red/green hair who don't class themselves as "normal". Nonetheless, as a first draft it's good :)

You and me are not different.

You and me are not different. Thats all i can say.


omg. i can so relate to you. being a Muslim girl and then having people look at you twice when you tell them your thinking of doing LAW in uni. i like ur p.s i think its different but maybe thats because i feel exactly the same way as you do. To be honest i haven't even started mine and its in, in
two weeks .grr anyways im going to stop talking now.

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