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I want to study and research law at university because I thoroughly enjoy the subject and I really want to learn more.

I have studied law at A level for the last 18 months; it has challenged me with its complexity but I have found it stimulating and fascinating. I have a particular interest in criminal law.

I enjoy reading; I am currently reading “Learning Legal Skills” by Marie Fox and Christine Bell. I have also read “The English Legal System” by Gary Slapper and David Kelly. I have a thirst for knowledge and I just want to know more.

As well as studying law, I study, drama and theatre studies, sociology and government and politics. Drama is my way of being creative; it gives me self-confidence and I enjoy the subject. The written work is much harder than I imagined but it stretches and interests me.

I started studying Sociology and Government and Politics at AS level in September 2011 and I feel that these subjects compliment my law studies. I have visited the Old Bailey and The Royal Courts of Justice in London, as well as the Crown Court in Birmingham.

I was able to hear a number of cases and these varied in seriousness and I was able to view how the court operated. In February I will be going to Strasbourg to the European Courts for a week to hear cases there.

I have many skills but not really relevant to the course, other than I do enjoy a good debate either in class among my peers or at home.

This is one of the reasons why I want to become a barrister. I am currently looking for work experience for the summer at a local law firm. I am an articulate person, with an enquiring mind.

I am a hardworking, reliable person who can balance a social life with a part-time job and college work as well. I do enjoy going out with my friends but I know that it is important to work hard and achieve to the best of my ability.

I enjoy horse-riding and photography. My part-time job is as a fine dining waitress at La Becasse in Ludlow.

Through this work I meet interesting people from all walks of life. I have moved house a lot since I was small because both of my parents had died by the time I was five years old.

I am fine with making new friends and meeting people I have never met before. I enjoy staying away from home because when you return home, everyone is so happy to see you.

I can’t wait for University even though it is a big step into the wide world, it is exciting. I want to do a law degree to further my mind, my interest in the law, the way it changes and because it is my favourite subject.

I will need to earn a good living because I will need to support myself and I want to do this in a career that I enjoy.

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I dont think it is quite right but my teachers agree that is is ok to send to ucas.


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it is good but putting about your parents death makes you seem desperate get a life if you wont go to uni then you wont

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