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Law defines every step of the society, so without understanding and knowing it people are likely to have problems. The main reason of choosing the Law degree for me is that the recent events in the world started to worry me.

I see myself in the future as a person who can resolve conflicts, help people to understand the law, protect their rights in a court and make sure that they will not break law. It is also interesting to see how law operates in real life working with the specific case. In addition my heart tells me that the study of law suits me.

Moreover, law is an area which can be changed to improve international relationships between countries and citizens life. In general I think that a Law degree offers a wide range of perspectives in the future, so there are a lot of professions to choose.

However, there are some specific preferences. As a citizen of the European Union, I believe that the law of the European Union is a compulsory subject to learn for everyone. However, it is not the only one subject in which I am interested.

I have passion for the criminal law as people should be punished for their crimes or to bring justice to those, who are innocent. In addition, as nowadays there are child abuses and divorces, which are under the family law, people are required to contact specific institutions, where they can receive help and it would be a pleasure to help them.

I consider that I have got those qualities which are required to study Law.As the pupil who demonstrates high results in humanities I was chosen to participate in local Olympiad in Geography in 10-th grade in which I received acknowledgement paper.In the 11-th Grade I wrote a research work in History with which I participated in the Republic Conference and International Conference of Students' Scientific Research Presentations "My Region, My City".

These two events gave me more confidence in speaking in front of the audience and now I am open to communicate publicly.

Moreover, the knowledge of three languages Russian, English and Latvian allows me to watch different news and then analyse the given information and as a result to express my own opinion. In addition, languages make me able to intercommunicate, which is very important studying the law degree. S

ome years of ballet classes attendance developed in me such qualities as discipline, the ability to organize my schedule almost by minutes and complete my work on a high level and in time.

The study of law enables to think, write logically and clearly, which is a number one to formulate thoughts, and critical analyses, which I believe I will develop more while university studies.

I look forward to studying the subject I have a keen interest in and I hope that my application will be considered favourably.

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This is my undergraduate personal statement. My name is Maria. Currently, I am studying in the 3rd year of a law degree.

Universities to which I applied and received offers

University of Central Lancashire - offer made
Coventry University - offer made
Aberdeen University - offer made
Edge Hill University - offer made (I chose this university to study)
Bournemouth university - offer made


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