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Namastey! When I was 14 my mom gave me a book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which drove me to have a different perspective on life. I believe that a positive attitude towards problems or situations is what one needs to get out of it. I have always had a way with the books but never knew what I wanted to do.

Once I saw a lecture addressed by Mishi Chaudhary who is the only lawyer to appear in the Indian as well as US Supreme Court and that also during the same term. She influenced me in abundance. Accordingly, after exploring my interests I now realize that I have been made for law.

In the present world one can find corruption everywhere. There is plenty of dirty lawyering and just because of their mercy, corruption had shown its head long ago. I want to bring an end to all of this and I have the potential to do the same. I volunteer in an NGO named Perroayuda Welfare Foundation through which I came to know that there is a lot of animal abuse going around in the world. As an animal lover I have this burning desire to fight against the animal abuse legally which again enforced me to consider law as my profession.

I believe that law is the correct path for me not because of my interests in debating but because of this craving that I have to make a difference in the world, to make people believe in law once again, to make them believe that there is justice above all. Having chosen Economics as one of my subjects, I have developed an analytical and practical approach which enabled me to think critically with precise facts so that I can process swiftly to analyse legal problems.

I was astounded when I got to know that UK offers LLB degree in shorter duration as compared to my home country. The universities there also focus on clinical work which I find very amusing as we can practically indulge in the profession, in which we are getting ourselves into.

Now that the universities offer a wide range of societies, I personally would love to join the debate, criminology societies as I have a gift of the gab and knows how to scrutinize things which are the required skills for a person to depict as a solicitor. Also, I would love to join the dance society which has always been my cup of tea. I liked to participate in my school’s annual functions and also participated in the World Cultural Festival held in India.

During my rehearsals I learned that team work/management is pervasive. Be it a big law firm or a squad of dance. So, in UK I can save time and be a part of such an incredible community at the same time. Throughout my school days I have participated in numerous Olympiads of Science, Math, Sanskrit and I got positions on state level. One I remember was a national level examination from NASA too.

I recently participated in an online National Quiz with the theme: Events in Pandemic. Though it is not related to law but it builds my knowledge and sparked my enthusiasm in a way that helped me to think as a determined person. In my high school I was holding the position of the deputy head girl which had given me confidence to lead a group and prepare for speeches at assemblies.

Moreover, I have been indulged in many inter-school debate competitions and deliberations through which I came to know that talent corners everywhere. Everybody is talented. But having something to say and the way to say it so people listen to it, that is the whole other bag. I can see myself walking down a top-tier law firm, making my home country proud, fighting for justice and of course winning.

I confidently feel that studying Law at university would truly bring the best out of me, enabling me to contribute much for the society.

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