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My father is a prominent Islamic law professor, yet, I didn't receive his blessing to study law, according to him, I was destined for "greater things" in life.

I never understood what he meant at first, so began my excruciating journey of discovering myself, I almost ended up studying medicine, but I have always find that, at least from my opinion, there exists an abstract reality which is neither right or wrong; a "grey" area that is never meant to be rigidly conformed.

I scoured my father's library to read books on Islamic philosophy, writings of orientalists, and translated Arabic texts on Islamic Jurisprudence. On the day of my graduation, my father smiled and said, "you are now ready to take on greater things".

It all now makes perfect sense, my father's intentions was for me to constantly challenge myself and to see things differently, a state of mind that is essential in studying law. All my life, I've had an undying respect for everything 'UK', from it's political scene, to it's cool music.

Partly because I grew up in the UK during my father's PhD years. I've had this idea that the UK has a certain air of mystery attached to it as a result of centuries of cultural and historical evolution.

I feel compelled and obligated to experience this ancient atmosphere unavailable anywhere else. Some may argue that it is only natural for an Asian to look up to the West, but I believe that a significant part of the world's sociopolitical system originated from the UK.This is my main motivation to study law in the UK:

To witness and experience first hand where it all began. I was the Vice President of the Debate and Public Speaking Society in my former university. I've had the opportunity to debate and mingle with the best minds in my country and overseas students.

I have always been envious with Law students as I notice that they posses the extra edge in putting across sharp arguments in debate practices and tournaments.

This affirms my belief that studying law enhances your intellectual reasoning and confidence. After completing my first degree in property management, I enrolled in the LLB External Program, I've never looked back ever since.

However, I still feel that I need to experience the course in it's entirety, through experiential legal activities and observations of the English law in motion. I am also very musically inclined.

I DJ during the weekends and I have organised club nights and events, perhaps my biggest achievement to date would be organising Global Gathering Malaysia, the biggest dance music festival.

I enjoy the social and business side of it as I had the opportunity to network with prominent artist and talent agents, corporate sponsors and International advertising agencies. I discovered that underneath all that "madness" lies a solid legal framework.

I am proud to mention that my limited knowledge in law helped me to read basic entertainment contracts, an area where promoters will try their very best to stay away from! I have heard a lot about the London creative circuit and it's vibrant music scene.

My aim is to absorb foreign trends and perhaps bring it back to my country to nurture our creative economy. I am also the founder of the first experiential music startup in Malaysia.

I've dealt with clients from industries such as telecommunications and advertising, I've learned that in order to understand the complexity of web and mobile based businesses, a legal knowledge is definitely an advantage.

Terms such as 'Mutatis Mutandis', 'Recoupable but non-refundable' etc, appear in our contracts constantly. I hope that an LLB may help me to understand these legal concepts.

I strongly believe that as a student with an inquisitive and critical mind, plus a unique skill set, the experience and knowledge that I will gain shall propel myself to an even higher standard, thus gaining respect of my peers and significantly contributing to my country.

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This personal statement was written by ahmadkashfi for application in 2009.

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"...I have always find that,

"...I have always find that, at least from my opinion, there exists an abstract reality which is neither right or wrong; a "grey" area that is never meant to be rigidly conformed..."

This section is in the opening paragraph. Has this been proof read?
It is quite off putting - it would be such a shame to leave it in, if the rest of your Personal Statement is good.

Maybe it could read:
In my experience, I have found that there exists a grey area in legal morality; where things are more complex than simply right and wrong. I believe that this issue exists independently of our socially constructed realities in which we operate, and is essentially impossible to rigidly control and monitor.

I LOVE your arguement however, and wish you the best of luck! The legal profession always needs fresh perspectives :o)


wicked!!! personal statement

i have just read this personal statement and it is sooooo interesting from start to finish!

WOW. I did not expect to find

WOW. I did not expect to find another Malaysian here!

I thought that your personal statement had an edge to it compared to the others here. It was VERY insightful and original and you managed to draw me in right from the beginning.

You probably already applied but good job and good luck anyway!

You mention your father too

You mention your father too much, comined with your comments about studying medicine, you seem unsure in what you are saying. It doesn't sound like you actually want to study the subject! Are you trying to do what your father wants? Be more explicit in what you are saying and foucs your points. Make some legal references when discussing the grey areas of law. It may be more appropriate to use the term legal debates (shows you can see both sides and privide you room to bring in a 'legal debate' i.e the intersection of european law into the english legal system, euthanasia ect. All things Uk is an awful phrase it makes you sound like a foreign and doesn't make the point your actually trying to make about enjoying British Culture also with the devolution of the welsh assembly and the scottish governemt there is not one collective legal system in the uk.

Amazing personal statement

Amazing personal statement

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