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The injustices of the world bother me since childhood and I always wanted to be able to make a difference by helping people around me to find the right way to deal with maze of life.

Law is in fact the bedrock of society which allows society to maintain the process of societal order and therefore it has a big impact on everyone's lives.

I was always in admiration of European culture and since then I have become even more interested in developing a career in which I will have the opportunity to grow intellectually and to make myself a better person.

I have realized that studying and learning at an institution of higher level is the most efficient way to achieve my goal in order to progress and develop the career that I wish for.

I became a member of the library of the British Council in Brazil, where I had access to books, magazines, newspapers and movies.

That's how I discovered how British law works: common law. I really appreciate it and found it quite objective and focused.

At the university I will meet new people from different parts of the world, gain new experiences and become an independent person. I do understand the amount of work and effort required in a law degree; however I am sure I'm ready and determined to undertake all the new challenges that will be placed upon me.

I believe that I have the right attitude and the ambition inside me to sustain the challenge and become successful in this career path and it is this law degree which would provide me with the prospect of achieving my dream.

Although young I do not have much trouble in dealing with reality because my living standards have never been easy, which gave me a great life experience, in a tough way.

Nevertheless, this has made me face adversity with persistence and determination to better myself. My experience in this regard gives me a determination and focus to succeed in life. I will bring to your university, experiences that can be shared with others to help them better understand a different culture and to bring people closer together through collaboration and mutual respect.

My objective is to develop myself into an accomplished lawyer through your highly respect degree program. I want to fight for human rights, equal treatment and access to knowledge for all. That's why I give classes to resource-less children which gave me the background to transmit my knowledge.

I have made full use of my time and energy to develop my knowledge with my commitment to extracurricular activities. These activities are quite wide-ranging and it helps me to be an expansive and communicative person. I have passion for reading, my mother always encouraged me to read, and very early I created this habit.

My family is very musical so I enjoy shows and concerts for leisure. Furthermore I attended a few years in a theater group and also the Sao Paulo's choir that helped me to strengthen my posture, develop my body language and reinforce my self-confidence. My favorite sport is swimming and I intend to keep doing this for relaxation and enjoyment.

Beyond that I like working in groups, develop rational arguments, and also have a clear understanding about the facts in order to solve problems and negotiate issues.

For me, studying is always a pleasure and never a requirement. The English language has always fascinated me and I also I have translated and made the subtitles from a Brazilian movie for the Cannes Film Festival. I am very organized, logical, confident and determined. In addition to studying the subjects I'm interested I have the unconditional support of my family which gives me strength to apply for this course.

Law is a fascinating career. I know I have the enthusiasm, capacity for intense work and the open mind needed to succeed in such a fulfilling vocation. I am deeply committed to a profession in the legal system, as I pay much interest to issues that affect today's society.

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This personal statement was written by LuaraLocateli for application in 2014.


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