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At the beginning it was infatuation, I was taken by the smart skirts the ladies wore and equally the men in their suits. But as I took more interest in this group of people it was not only the smart attire, there thinking, arguments and presentation of their arguments were equally “smart” and persuasive and reflected certain logic, deep reflection and considerable research on an issue they were arguing for or against.

Having now almost finished my first degree in sociology and psychology and I am certain that I am in a much better position to now undertake studies in law. It is the gained understanding about human relationships and orderly society human beings are supposed to posses over the other primates.

It is the understanding about fairness, predictability and orderly transition as human society evolves and continues, therefore the finer rules must be written, reviewed and applied where greater consensus must be attained in order to achieve legitimacy and acceptability by all involved, hence capturing my interest to learn more and be part of the process of law.

Although societies are different based on their history and culture and at different stages of development, law reflects and encompasses these differences but still serves the purpose in there societies.

Things such as advances in technology, communication, and business are driving the world towards globalization as an inevitable event hence the declaration of some universal rights and protocols being achieved because of Law.

This has been possible because different parts of society work together, just as various parts of the human body do, and in whose case the Law being the pivot for vast networks of society which are all connected to it and guided by it.

Our challenges are different, but coming from the third world and developing country, issues of poverty, unfair trade practices, and governance are some of the critical areas, law can greatly assist in providing solutions in our countries.

The challenge of providing sustainable governance institutions to facilitate participation in running of the country and having a say, or controlling a powerful state where literacy levels are low and media and parliament not as effective as can be requires those with knowledge and skill to stand up for the majority.

These are some of the difficulties our countries have and in pursuing this career, I am confident that I will be able to help in one way or another to fight the many challenges in my country. My contribution will beneficial to the minority groups, this may be motivating and reassuring to them as there are a few women in this career in my country.

Being a society in transition, law should provide us with an orderly framework in that transition confronting deep rooted cultural attitudes in reforming society to rise to the changing world is problematic, issues of polygamy sanctioned and embedded in local culture works against women in these societies and hinders individual development.

In relation to cultural attitudes, Sociology has enabled me gain knowledge as to how each society has a culture which is developed by the process of socialisation, in whose case the law plays a key role in the continuity by looking at both the past and the future as well as preserving and reforming standards of social morality, all so as to conform to any change in society and thereby maintaining social order.

On the other hand in pursuing a career in Law, Psychology has equipped me with the ability to tackle different situations, the ability to apply different strategies to different problems, and take practical steps to implement guidance to them.

This was guided by the module counseling, whose placement was at a police station, under the victim support unit.

This experience gave me a firm understanding as to how psychology and the law interrelate to govern the society as well as to uphold justice. Having handled as well as observed the handling of some cases during my practical, such as domestic violence and accused persons facing capital offences such as murder, was an eye opener as to how much had to be done to help justice prevail in my country.

From my learning and experience at the police station before a case reaches a courtroom, one of the major factors that influence the testimony that will eventually be presented is that of the police’s acquired information after questioning of witnesses and suspects.

I observed that many cases handled by the police investigators were based on an adversarial approach, which is an attempt to prove guilty. Abusive language as well as physical torture was used to derive information.

This method in itself can inhibit the prevalence of justice as it inflicts physical and mental pain which may lead to one agreeing to a crime they did not commit, hence being one of the difficulties of upholding justice in my country.

Having learnt about many different cultures and histories, an opportunity to experience them will be more interesting and have a lasting impact on the person I intend to be in future and as well as in my career.

Because of my interest in traveling, learning and experiencing new things as well as giving others a better understanding of my country, an opportunity to pursue this career in your country will open doors to the above mentioned.

It will also offer an opportunity to create new circles of friends, hence gaining a diverse understanding in academics, social and cultural experience because of the multi-cultural environment it will offer me.

My interest in reading diversely as well as watching diverse programmes from documentaries, lifestyle and reality channels such as crime and investigations, British Broadcasting Knowledge (BBK), Travel Channel as well as history, has given me a firm understanding of how different societies function, as well as what has led to the better functioning and development of one society to another.

Hence the drive to pursue law which is the foundation of a society as it oversees policies which help a society develop, and rules which help a society function in a positive and developmental way.

I have energy and intellect to achieve my studies as I am a goal driven person who is always willing to learn and experience new and challenging things. Like I have observed lawyers like everybody else are energetic and usually people passionate with their career and apply a lot of effort and energies in their work, the difference with the other professions is that as one grows older in public life like the bench, in my view it is a career and profession for life.

Lastly, with the empowerment of a career in this field, I hope to return to my country so as to help benefit people and better my country at large. My hope is to help people especially in the areas of access to legal aid and information which is scarce in my country.

This will be done by working with organisations and Public Service that look into the plight of those who can not afford legal aid and hence readily give it to them and the information required through Legal Aid Clinics.

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