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I developed interest in the field of law while doing my graduation in commerce. We had business law in B.Com. I found it so logical that after my Bachelor in Commerce. I could not think of anything but law. Throughout three years of study the areas which attracted me most were mercantile law, equity and civil law.

Now I wish to do LLM to enhance my knowledge and have a promising career thereby. It will open doors of opportunities for me .On one hand I will be able to join court on the other hand legal advisors are needed in almost all the organisations plus I always have this advantage of teaching along with the usual practice.

After doing my masters in law I intend to go for Bar-at-Law. Bar is my ultimate goal, my real dream indeed. In my country no university offers the degree so I would apply to some foreign university. And this is the reason I am applying to foreign universities for LLM so that prior to my Bar-at-Law I may have some experience of living abroad and knowhow of foreign educational system.

My personal attributes also encourage me to take up the course. For I have this innate quality of analysing things and presenting my opinion .I can listen to people patiently and answer their arguments. I am the kind who is keenly interested in learning new things and meeting people with varied background. Analysing various aspect of life from different perspective is my favourite pastime. However, my hobbies are reading books , surfing the net and writing. I love to spread benefits of my learning among those around me.

I am B.Com and LLB .I have done seventeen years of education. After my graduation I got into the profession of teaching. Teaching is also my passion. One of the reasons of my joining the course is to be able to teach. I like the occupation for it provides direct interaction with the youth and you get ample opportunity to speak to present your view. Having taught in a couple of schools for about two years I really enjoyed supporting myself and feeling responsible.

I had a very useful and interesting teaching experience. I was extremely enthusiastic during the jobs. I organised an exhibition in which students expressed their concerns over social issues through presentations. I once organized a performing art competition in which pupils performed on some chosen situations. I designed such activities to make my students confident and creative. As a library teacher in my school I introduced use of magazines and movies to inculcate the habit of reading in students which was highly appreciated by the administrators.

I think I am quite suitable to the course and deserve admission in your university for the said course as I am hardworking and quite adaptable to varied situations. My decision to go abroad is supported by my love to meet different people and know their culture and traditions plus my brother lives in UK.He would sponsor me for my accommodation and studies.

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This personal statement was written by amin ali for application in 2009.

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It is all open for others to read and let me know where I am ok and where I need to improve.How does it prove to be useful?


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an interesting though lenghty

an interesting though lenghty statment, keep up the efforts

Check your spellings and

Check your spellings and grammatical construction; and use plural whenever necessary. "I like to see things from different perspective" .... "I am the kind who are..."

Your statement if full of

Your statement if full of grammatical errors. Obviously English isn´t your mother tongue; however, if you have previously gained 2 different university degrees, including a LLB, I expect more of a sound English language, than this. Dont get me wrong, I don´t mean no harm. This criticism would only serve you good, in the long run. You cannot do an LLM without at least a fairly good command of English language.

Put a great effort into reading your essays after drafting it; check your grammar, grammar and grammar. In many instances, singulars are used, while speaking of plurals forms. Otherwise, you do have some great points, coupled with your soicio-academic endeavors. Good luck!

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