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In an age of global terrorism, humanitarian crises, digitisation, technological advances and political activism, the legal sector is a key player. My desire to study law stems from my fascination with human behaviour and how it interacts with a globalising world.

I believe my A level subjects demonstrate my holistic understanding of people; from the functioning of the smallest of cells, to how they access statutory organisations for aid. They also showcase my ability of critical analysis, which I believe is a crucial skill for studying law.

The rule of law is a cornerstone of our society – evident in the unfolding Brexit situation, immigration and significant criminal cases coming before the courts. I continue to watch with interest a case involving Northern
Ireland woman Emma de Souza, which tested rights enshrined in The Good Friday Agreement 1998, namely citizenship and identity, against the 1981 British Nationality Act.

While others may shy away from nimiety I find myself enjoying the fine points and technicalities, expressed by my non-stop analysis of events and verbalisations. As an avid thinker I find myself dissatisfied by only partially explained conclusions, after all, the devil’s in the detail when making compelling logical arguments.

I also enjoy contributing to society, to afford people opportunities. For three years I have volunteered with Kids in Control - a local charity that enables young people with physical and mental disabilities to take part in physical theatre to improve their confidence and emotional well-being. From this, I’ve gained invaluable insight on how to think creatively, act with patience and perseverance to outmanoeuvre challenges, like the ones these young people face.

Within school I’m a committee member of the psychology society, prefect, and involved in clubs including debate, film and eco. Last year I took philosophy enrichment classes delivered by Queen’s University and
volunteered for the ‘Salter Sterling Project’, supporting primary school pupils in some of the most deprived areas of Belfast.

As a passionate individual with an eye for detail and a critical mind for solutions, the opportunity to study law excites me. This desire has also been enhanced following work placements where I gained first-hand experience of the criminal justice system.

A discernment of ethics and involvement in the wider community highlighted the impact of choices we make on both the individual and society. This was particularly evident when I spent a week last summer in Hydebank Wood College; the only young offenders’ centre and female prison in Northern Ireland. Here I observed the impact of incarceration on individuals and their families.

Many of these people are the product of the failures of wider society such as limited education, involvement in social care, deprivation and intergenerational offending. I sat in on live video link courtrooms, probation assessments and mental health and safer custody case conferences. This highlighted to me the importance of unbiased legal representation and access to justice for all.

I also spent a week at KRW, a Belfast law firm which specialises in human rights. I had the opportunity to attend cases heard before the Lord Chief Justice in the high court. I also spectated in both the magistrates' and crown court where I witnessed cases involving theft, rape and the Ballymurphy inquest.

I was challenged to read concluded cases, contribute to discussions and come to my own conclusion on case rulings whilst taking socio-economic, race and educational factors into consideration. This immersed experience illustrated to me that law is neither black or white and it is in fact within the grey areas most arguments are formed.

Almost every aspect of society is subject to law and as someone who is interested in what people do and how those actions have ramifications for themselves, others and wider society, I relish the opportunity to study law.

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