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Most people, in a situation where they hear of their friend getting attacked, would be filled with worry, probably sobbing, wishing they could be with him. But the moment that feeling stopped, and I started analysing whether his attacker would get charged of S.47 ABH or S.20 GBH, the light bulb in my head sparked, and for me, my future was set.

Growing up, I always remember going for walks with my grandmother, who would proudly show me off to her friends and say that one day I would make a fine lawyer, but always I shrugged the idea off, thinking I would never be good enough. But entering the law A-level course my school offered changed that mind-set completely.

Later, when the case of Anders Breivik emerged after his rampant killing spree in 2011, I went home every night to read into it in more depth, grasping at every detail, determining how I myself would put together the drastic case against him, how I myself would sentence the man for his violent crimes.

In the last few weeks, I have taken it upon myself to visit the local Crown Court and study in further depth the day to day proceedings, the crimes people of this earth commit, and the atrocities experienced by the victims of these acts.

In one particular case, I saw a man accused of sexually abusing his nine year old child several times over a three year period, and my heart ached to help this girl myself, to put away this man for daring to cross that boundary of trust expected in our society.

I felt myself thinking of all the ways I would prosecute this man, what techniques I would use to get the justice deserved for this poor girl, the ways in which I could take the evidence and have it clear as day in the courtroom.

Currently I study law, history, maths and Spanish at A level, a range which I feel has helped me tremendously in developing the skills needed to study Law in higher education. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the law course, finding interest in all matters of criminal law, but also reviewing civil law in a whole new light after studying it in further depth.

Between my law and history educations I have developed a strong grasp of how to write effective essays and texts with good English, a skill I feel is a necessity for anyone who wishes to study the practice of law.

Within these subjects, I have also developed a strong analytical mind, developed further in mathematics, which has raised my confidence to new levels when faced with a problem that others would shy away from.

Meanwhile, my skills in Spanish language have introduced me to a whole new culture in a two week experience living amongst Spaniards, speaking the language in the home and the college, and experiencing a whole new way of life from a different global perspective.

I will continue to broaden my cultural knowledge in the summer of 2012 when I will undertake a four week expedition to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, partaking in volunteer work, treks, and seeing some of the countries’ most breath taking features. This trip will, as well as allowing me to extend my Spanish language skills further, teach me more about teamwork, leadership, and organisation as we, as students, will organise everything from beginning to end, be it accommodation, transport or the food sustaining our energy for the waiting challenges.

Outside of my academia, I have achieved several other things that I feel set me apart. In agreement with my choice to study law at university, I previously took part in a Mock Trials competition, acting the part of a defence lawyer, and using my passion for the subject to drive myself forward during the trials.

I have also become qualified for sports leadership through attaining Levels one and two, which lead to receiving the award for Aspiring Young Leader in 2010, and a job at my school for running these clubs on a weekly basis.

As well as my employment from school, I also hold down a part time job at my local Sainsbury’s, working 16 hours a week, and balancing that with my studies, another skill I feel to be vital to anyone studying the challenging practice that is the law.

I also enjoy volunteering at sporting events, and within classroom time with younger students, assisting in Spanish and History classes, for more than 50 hours this year. Combined with my position as a Young Leader at a Beaver Group, I have always enjoyed the feeling of giving back, and helping people to have further opportunities than those originally presented.

It is these qualities, these aspirations to help people as far as my ability will stretch, that guided me through my youth and teenage years, and now I want to continue this, by studying law at university, and use it to continue to help people, in a way only the law can.

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Hey guys, so this is my first draft, but I would realy really appreciate the feedback, any help you have would be great constructive of course xD


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