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I first realised I wished to study law whilst reading a newspaper, when it suddenly occurred to me that every article was somehow related to the law.

I remember thinking how amazing it was that such a diverse range of issues could be linked back to a single word. This truly unique quality of influencing all aspects of life (although I am sure there are plenty of economists who would question its uniqueness) has prompted me to read law as an undergraduate.

It intrigues me because it is continually evolving over time, faster rate than anything I have met in my current studies, in order to remain a true reflection of an ever-changing society.

I built upon my initial interest by avidly reading "The Law Machine" by Marcel Berlins and Clare Dyer; it provided me with a firm grounding in the essential principles of the British legal system and highlighted its apparent weaknesses.

To further consolidate my knowledge I read "Learning the Law" by Glanville Williams and have kept myself informed of current legal events printed in the "The Times", I have also attended a law seminar at King's College, University of London.

I thought it a wise move to pursue an insight into how the law works in reality. I successfully applied to become a Berkshire Witness Service Volunteer and thus embarked on an in-depth training course.

This incorporated an introduction to the functions of the Crown Prosecution Service and discussions of the skills required to work with people from many social backgrounds.

My responsibilities mainly involve providing emotional support for witnesses throughout their trials, this has helped me develop an appreciation of what the law represents to someone from outside the court system and how deeply it can impact on their lives.

In order to gain a different perspective of the law, I obtained a work experience placement with a local solicitor's firm. My work evolved from basic office duties, such as filing, faxing and answering telephone calls, into accompanying solicitors to court and liasing with barristers on behalf of the firm.

The opportunity to work alongside people who have dedicated their lives to the law has strengthened my resolve to study law and given me the confidence to make a well-informed decision.

Throughout my school life, I have maintained an independent, self-motivated approach to my studies.

Having studied a broad range of A Level subjects, I feel I have acquired a wide variety of skills: from mathematics and physics I have learnt the art of questioning the world around us and developing a keen sense of intellectual curiosity; from English literature and general studies I have understood the importance of expressing myself clearly and concisely through words; whilst from ICT I have developed a sound understanding of an area which is playing an increasingly important role in society.

My role as Deputy Head Boy has helped me gain a sense of responsibility and maturity; tasks such as organising large numbers of people, arranging important school events and making speeches to large audiences have helped me develop strong personal and communication skills.

These have been further strengthened through my duties as a sixth form mentor for the lower school pupils, where I provide support and advice for younger pupils who are struggling to cope with the pressures of school life.

I have also held positions on the student council, presenting my views and those of my peers to the senior school staff. Above all else, I have learnt the rewards of making a positive contribution towards school life in more than an academic sense and think I can take this understanding with me to university.

Aside from schoolwork I have a strong passion for rugby, representing and captaining my school and district at all levels as well as participating in a sports tour to South Africa. My other interests include football, cricket and I am a keen chess player, competing during the tour to South Africa.

I believe I can contribute a genuine passion and enthusiasm for reading law; I am hoping to study at an institution which presents law as an intellectual discipline in its own right, one which will allow me to develop the skills of analysis, reasoning and discussion required to be successful beyond undergraduate level.

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interesting to read, a few

interesting to read, a few inspiring comments. Maybe if we all learnt to use the semicolon as much as the author we'd all have successful P.S's.

Brilliant personal statemnt.

Brilliant personal statemnt. If you wouldn't mind, could you say where you applied to? I realise you wish to stay unknown, yet I am really panicking that I have picked uni's whcih are "too good", even tho I am expecting AAB at A Level.

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I think the first 2 sentences

I think the first 2 sentences sound very unnatural fake; I highly doubt you were just reading a paper and suddenly you realised all articles related to law and suddenly realised, therefore, that you just had to study it at uni. The first sentence is always very tough but I think this one tries far too hard. As a result, the statement was ruined before it even really got started, IMO.

This is an excellent ps.

This is an excellent ps.

After reading the first 2

After reading the first 2 lines i thought, this would immediately be rejected, it is poor. And totally fake, im disappointed in you.

you should really drop the

you should really drop the first two sentences the only person you are fooling is yourself

The first two lines are so

The first two lines are so obviously untrue, I cannot see why you put them there.
Relating newspaper articles to the law (otherwise known by many law students as the newspaper excercise!) is an activity covered by all 'A' level law as well as Access to Law students in their first week.
Surely the idea did not suddenly 'click' in your head.

the force...

a lot of people have a problem with your first two lines....never worry though...the force be with you!



very thoughtful and

very thoughtful and insightful

i like it it is very good but

i like it it is very good but i would advice you not to exagurate


too much sounds untrue
like a lot of people before me have said the first two lines sound so fake it ruins the whole thing
as head boy of my school i have never had to make a speech so i dont know what that bits all about!!!


I also read the book the Law Machine and i found it quite interesting and fascinating as it really explains the law so you can fully comprehend the extent of it

Good personal statement and

Good personal statement and very good points. Don't like the opening sentences though. Could've used a quote instead. But good overall.

and @BLUUHH i was deputy head girl, and we still had to make speeches in school, especially at ceremonies.


I really liked your blog post. Fantastic.


Major thanks for the article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.



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