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Human beings can only live in comunity with others, resulting a society. Societies can function provided they are governed by principles, regulations and laws that the majority of the people agrees with. The intend of these laws is to harmonize the cohabitation of people and to orientate them towards a common goal and purpose.

At their very core, laws (even the most elaborate), can be reduced to simple guidelines that are set out to individuals, in a society - to do, not to do or to refrain from doing something.

From the early beginnings, people felt the need of imposing rules that all (or the majority) agree with, and with compliance ensured by the father of the family (e.g.‘’patres familias’’ in Roman law), by the tribal chief, and in the present this is ensured by the state.

These basic rules called social or moral norms, which still exist nowadays, may have two different results: exterior to the subject – different forms of public expression of disapproval - or interior’s, from the sphere of consciousness (these being the up-most intense and has the greatest impact on the subject, e.g.regrets, sorrows, etc).

The most important difference between law (legal norms) and social norms, in my opinion, in a restraint sense, is that as social norms become laws, legal compliance is thus assured by the state’s coercion power - a more formal and regulated attribute of the state.Historically and cronologically speaking, morality precedes laws, therefore all laws should be moral!

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Reality shows us that because of our rapidly evolving society, ever-changing needs perspectives, occasionally, the law making process emerges one step behind the needed juridical reality.

This is my personal, ’’grosso modo’’ view of the mechanism and functionality of law in general. I am 21 years old and since highschool I knew it was the field of the judicial system that I wish to develop myself professionaly. Although, I have to admit when I was younger, I have never thought about becoming a lawyer or a prosecutor.

In those times, I dreamt about being an astronaut, a special forces soldier, a firefighter and even a crane operator. However, as I grew up I realised that it was one science in particular which attracted me more than all the others - jurisprudence. I have always been interested in how laws evolve over time, how they influence our society and how people conform themselves to the main compulsory rules following their own inducements.

After graduating high school and passing the baccalaureate, I ended up applying for law at the university of my hometown, Oradea. After a while, I realised I wanted more than they could offer and I believe that studying in a university of more prestige, especially in the world renowned British higher education system, would provide me a better understanding of the law, greater knowledge and a prolific academic experience.

My desire to expand my law studies and to fathom the legal knowledge are so strong that I accept abandoning the years of study at the University of Oradea and starting all over again by entering the first year at a university in England.

For the time being I am a member of the faculty’s debating team which was and still is a great opportunity to develop and to broaden my communication skills. Recently, my team has won the first prize in a inter-university debating Karl Proper style competition. I am a member of the European Law Student Association (ELSA) and I had the opportunity to participate in several moot court competitions and law workshops during the biannual national conferences.

These seminars and mooting activities helped me to become a better listener and communicator, who effectively conveys information, both verbally and in writing. A

fter high school graduation, I was employed at a Debenham’s store in Oradea as an Assistant Manager, this has been a real privilege as I was the youngest and the less experienced in the supervising team. I was given accounting tasks (because I studied in an Economic high school) and I was supervising assignments. After 9 months, I left the company as it interfered with my studies at the university.

In my spare time, I like to practice all kind of sports and really enjoy short weekends in the mountains. I have did karate and boxing for many years, got my licence as a skydiver, had been a member of the alpinist club of Oradea and also played tennis when I was in primary school.

I gained a keen interest in the field of psychology, criminology and criminal law during my studies at the university. What interests me is the study of the mechanisms of crimes, the impact of crimes in the society and how certain individuals commit crimes triggered by different impulses, feelings or even beliefs.

I am confident that my experience so far, my high motivation, the hard work and perseverance can recommend me for enrolling as a student at your university.

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This personal statement was written by seby_c5 for application in 2011.

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Brunel University
Kingston University
Middlesex University
University of East London
Thames Valley University

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The only condition requested in the ''conditional offers'' that I received, was to obtain a certain TOEFL overall score.


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