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The reason I want to study law, is that it has always intrigued me; there’s never been any other option for me it has always been law.

I am captivated in the development of the law as it interests me the way the law is changing around the needs of civilisation. I want to challenge myself academically, while also studying a subject

I am interested in and Law is perfect for this. Having a career related to law goes way beyond just being a career for me, it is focused around a subject which I am interested in and I am sure that if I go down this path it will be something I enjoy. I am a very sociable person, and a key quality for someone wanting to take the law route is to be able to interact well with others. This is something I am able at and enjoy doing.

I am looking forward to learning about different aspects of the law, but I am most looking forward to learn about the English legal system in more depth as I have already studied it in my law A level. Since taking law at A level it has developed my interest in the subject, so getting a degree in this subject is the next step for me.

I have completed work experience at a solicitors firm to get an idea of what work life would be like after I had completed my studies.

This reinforced my decision to pursue a career in Law. I was assigned many tasks throughout the week, for example, dealing with customers, sorting out paperwork and learning how law is applied in a business manner. It showed me how people rely and trust solicitors with their problems.

I attended a lecture at Huddersfield University for law; this gave me an inside view of what form my lectures may follow. Also how it would be like getting lectured, it was interesting listening to the lecturer. This secured my decision to study law. Recently I have also attended Huddersfield Magistrate’s court, to gain experience on what it would be like to be in a courtroom.

Apart from Law, the other subjects that I am currently studying are English language, ICT and history. I have already studied philosophy and ethics, psychology, art and sociology at AS level.

The reason I enjoy English Language, is that on one section it is about language change. Learning about language in such a depth interests me as it shows the development of the change happening everyday such a change is also portrayed in law.

Doing a variety of academic subject has given me in-depth knowledge on different factors, which will aid me with law, as law is effectively connected with everything.

In my spare time I like to attend the gym as I feel it keeps me physically and mentally fit.

I feel that I will adapt quickly to university life, I am a confident person and I am ready to get academically challenged, I believe university will be a life changing experience for me.

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