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As a hardworking, enthusiastic and responsible individual I am extremely fascinated and genuinely committed in working in the legal profession.

My desire to study law stems from a growing fascination with world events. It seems to me that the 21st century looks to be both an exciting and crucial time in which to embark upon legal study, for example, the latest report on the Hillsborough disaster that happened in 1989. 23 years on new evidence came to light following the formation of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

This included the fact that attempts had been made by the authorities to conceal what happened including the amendment of 164 statements by the police. Also the issues arising within human rights have been a prominent topic. For example the case of a man who has been jailed for 12 weeks for posting ‘sick jokes’ about a missing five year old; April Jones on Facebook.

Is this not just a case of freedom of speech? Law affects our day to day lives without us even noticing and there is always an aspect of law up for debate. I find these debates fascinating as the complexity of law continues to amaze me.

I am really keen on studying law; not only do I find it interesting but I also believe it will enhance my skills needed for the legal profession, in terms of being organised and having a good memory due to all the legislation and cases I will need to remember whilst being analytical, I am dedicated about heading towards this path. I am currently studying A level Law and I am really enjoying it.

My curiosity for law developed whilst I was undertaking my GCSE’s through criminal case proceedings highlighted in the media, upon undertaking research I decided this is what I wanted to do.

Furthermore, I am aware that there are many branches I can go into for a career in law such as property, private client, banking law, employment law, intellectual property, media law, medical law, environmental, etc.

The plus side to this is that I do not have to make a decision straight away as studying law at university will help me make this decision. I always want to achieve in the best way that I can, I like to go beyond expectations and in addition I am a keen, team player and I like to express myself in a confident and eloquent manner.

I am good at helping and working with others as well as independently and I am able to manage my work. Some of the qualities that I have are reading, writing, debating, listening, managing my work, presenting to an audience and creative work. I am very interested in learning about the different aspects of law such as Criminal law and the criminal justice system in particular.

It is important to society as a whole and without a criminal justice system we would rapidly decline into anarchy would resemble a third world country constantly fighting for our survival.

I like keeping up to date with current affairs and I read the Times, the Guardian and the Law Gazette at least every week on the law section. This is very helpful for me as it broadens my knowledge and understanding of what is happening around me.

I have also been involved in many school activities such as Merrill Lynch which is a business enterprise programme which I took part in involving designing a product and other business related activities such as how to work with finance as I grow up. I also took part in the Year 9 Arts Project. This is a project for year 9 where I had to perform a play including Art, Music, Dance and Drama.

This has really helped me as it gave me the confidence to perform in front of a large audience. Therefore I was able to perform in front of a large audience for an Easter special with my music class where we performed a song which was not composed by my class as it was made originally by a well known band. I played the xylophone and I felt really confident about it and as a result I really enjoyed it.

I have completed one weeks work experience in Museum of Docklands during October 2010. My duties included: helping the learning department with making puppets and colouring in pictures for little children. I also did a tour of a gallery which was about Docklands at war.

I also did some laminating and photocopying I found this experience very useful and interesting because I learned a few things. I learned a bit about Docklands at war and I was able to talk in front people that I had never met, without being nervous.

I like to make the most of my spare time by pursuing many of hobbies which includes socialising with my friends. I also like going out such as shopping and going to the cinemas and I like listening to music as well as helping my family around the house. I also like to attend after school activities such as football, basketball, trampoline and dance.

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This personal statement was written by Marjana for application in 2013.

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I know this is really really bad but i need help! Any ideas on how i can improve it?? thanks x


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