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The Arab Spring was a momentous event that was pivotal in my decision to study law and politics at university. Having independently researched the sources of discontent, I was particularly appalled at the suppression of basic human rights, the disenfranchisement of voters and the significant levels of political corruption. In reading law and politics at degree level, I hope to examine such issues in greater detail and be an active advocate in securing a just society for all.

Through studying A level law, I have developed problem-solving skills, interpreting and applying legislation to different scenarios, as well as constructing coherent and persuasive arguments. I enjoy analysing the legal reasoning of the Supreme Court's decisions, and looking at how changing social attitudes affect such reasoning.

Similarly, economics has reinforced my ability to analyse and draw inferences from both qualitative and quantitative data. As a result of studying politics, and more specifically, the various aspects of the UK political system, I have been able to better understand current affairs.

In particular, I have enjoyed examining the influence of the judiciary. Furthermore, my extended project focusing on the effects of the housing crisis, has strengthened my ability to independently research and scrutinise a range of sources including select committee reports.

Working at Palis Solicitors in August 2014 and MHHP Law in June 2015 gave me valuable insight into the practical aspects of the legal profession. Aside from the administrative duties, I had the opportunity to prepare documents for instructions to counsel and drafting a Section 21 Notice of Possession, tailored to the client's individual needs.

Observing the solicitor advise clients on points of law relating to specific aspects of their case, confirmed my career choice.

At MHHP Law, I organised a charity event for Cancer Research UK which involved liaising with their head office, selecting a venue, designing posters and inviting local businesses to participate. This enhanced my time management and organisational skills, giving me the confidence to communicate at all levels.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Spending Challenge 2015, organised by the Cabinet Office, where I was selected by my school to play the critical role of the chancellor. I was responsible for interacting with the different simulated government departments which required delicate negotiation and mediation in order to achieve the goal of reducing overall government expenditures and balancing the budget.

Visiting parliament, the Supreme Court and the Bank of England complemented my studies; I observed a Commons debate on HS2, a speech by William Hague and attended a lecture in the Bank of England on its central role of maintaining financial stability in the UK economy.

This increased my eagerness to learn about the workings of the legislative process and be part of influencing policy. It gave me a greater practical understanding into how these institutions operate, inspiring me to establish a debating society at my college, which taught me commitment and responsibility in successfully working with others.

Through actively contributing to student life, from running for student governor to fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital and attending focus groups, I have developed as an individual, becoming more self-confident. Outside of college, I enjoy swimming and participated in Kellogg's Swimming Challenge where I achieved the 'Gold Award'.

I am also a keen reader of political affairs, and found 'The Too Difficult Box' an interesting insight into society's insidious problems. I look forward to studying law and politics at university, facilitating my ambitions in becoming a catalyst for change. This will provide me with the skills necessary to fulfil my hopes of becoming a solicitor and later an MP.

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