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Having been brought up in an environment where my mother is a lawyer by qualification and my father, a civil servant, the idea of justice and public service has always held my interest.

Looking at my parents work, I started appreciating how knowledge can translate into developmental purposes, which ignited my passion for the study of law as part of my undergraduate degree.

As an avid reader, I found myself enjoying every book that dealt with "law" or "justice" and set off on the path of familiarizing myself with the notion of law. "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, for example, and novels by Sidney Sheldon, led me to question the roles of law and the exertion of justice in the development of the very society that I am a part of and how I could contribute to the same.

Having taken up Legal Studies as a subject in grade 11 and 12, I have gained a valuable insight into various concepts that are of utter importance to the legal system, some of which deal with crimes, tort, international and human rights law.

I am also intent on exploring how "mens rea" is as crucial to the commission of a crime as "actus reus" is, and the relevance and importance of English legal documents of "Magna Carta" of 1215 and "The English Bill of Right" of 1698 in shaping many democracies that enshrine human rights today. I have also been able to apply a lot the subject’s principles in real-life situations.

One such instance occurred in 2017 when I was a part of the qualification round for international shooting championships.

I could easily have been the epitome of consternation as I was left with the last five shots of my match and an unsteady stance. A thorough audit of my current stance and the final decision based on the same to move my feet towards the left led me to deliver those shots with utter precision. The ability of proper analysis and judgment had proved its significance in yet another interest field of mine.

I believe that the abilities to make ethical judgments and sound analysis are crucial to what constitutes law as an institution and as a subject. To enhance such abilities, I have taken part in various legal symposiums and debates which have not only subjected me to highly erudite conversations but further predisposed my desire to become a lawyer.

I realized with the more exposure I gained, I became more confident and rigorous with my approach towards these competitions and my inquisitiveness towards understanding the legal system increased. Somewhere between '"whether laws should exist", a question I often explored as a kid, and as an adult, "why is same-sex marriage righteous and a valid right?", I realized that I want to be able to serve my country.

Having been a part of a society where stereotypical attitudes, gender discrimination, and other social ills exist, I would like to help transform our society into an equitable one. In particular, I want to represent those people who have neither the means nor the resources to stand up to their oppressors and effectuate the attainment of the justice they deserve.

I wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in law from the United Kingdom as the British system of common law, developed about 900 years ago, lays the foundation for the Indian legal system.

This will provide me the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the law the Indian legal system is based on. Furthermore, I shall be a part of a multicultural environment that will help me adapt to and work with people of distinct cultures. This will help me develop a range of skills that are imperative to be a part of today's global workforce.

In the future, I wish to practice as an advocate in India with the aspiration of being the catalyst for the change I wish to see in my community.

With taking the first step towards achieving my goal of wanting to be an advocate in the form of pursuing my undergraduate education from your prestigious institution, I will strive to be a student who is assiduous, zealous and determined to achieve her goal.

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