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My aspiration to study law comes from an appreciation I had of the subject stemming from my fathers' current and previous businesses.

My involvement consisted of secretarial work which allowed me an insight in to how law is imposed in a business environment. This initial interest made me wonder about the systems that keep the world in place and what impact law has on the world. It intrigues me to consider what the UK would be like if the rules that protect me today were not in place.

I am currently following a full study programme at (********) Area Sixth Form consisting of business studies, information technology, and psychology.

In business studies I have the benefit of applying it to my fathers' experiences as it contained an element which allowed me to study the consumer protection laws.

Following the consumer protection module in Business Studies I decided to volunteer for 20 hours of community service at the Citizens Advice Bureau where I spent the week with an advisor and I had the opportunity to help other people with their issues. Conducting community service at the Citizens Advice Bureau allowed me to understand consumer laws by applying different situations to particular legislations.

I really enjoy psychology, being a people person it is perfect as it describes human behaviour, I wanted to understand how and why we as humans behave the way we do.

My favourite module was developmental psychology in which we studied Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis. Bowlby in his MDH theory described how the relationship between a mother and child could affect attachment, and cause the child to behave in terms of physical and social interactions.

I was able to understand this theory in depth when I had carried out my work experience in Oxford Court. Whilst observing I was given the opportunity to look through the defendants' probation report.

This report was an in depth analysis of the persons' previous and current convictions and also an examination of the emotional and physical health. By this report the officer was then able to predict the likelihood of the criminal convicting the same offence. By just reading through the report I was able to apply the context to some of the modules we had studied in psychology.

Technology has certainly evolved over the last few years; with computers developing drastically and more advanced gadgets launched we are now bombarded with devices to make our life simple.

Having a love for new technology and personally being able to understand computers, I chose IT. I see myself having a natural ability to figure out how to operate a system without opening the instruction manual. The module I most enjoyed throughout this course was the E-Portfolio, which allowed us to create a web page document using professional software called Dream Weaver.

Throughout my school life the use of ICT has been fundamental to the learning process.

In addition to my academic studies I have been in part-time employment at Ernest Jones for 3 years. Throughout my working career at Ernest Jones I have managed to complete my introductory and silver level on jewellery, watches and work bench repairs.

In September 2006, I was nominated by my branch manager to be examined for gold level, and through that I have obtained a nationally recognised qualification Jewellery Education and Training (JET1). Throughout the summer holiday 2007, I also begun temporary full-time work for a company called MEM Retail.

At this company I was given the position of a Field Merchandiser, which required me to go into Tesco Stores to merchandise mainly non-food and some food products. In Sixth Form I am a student council member allowing me to be more involved within the Sixth Form and have a say in the decision making process.

Outside of school I attend a local gym and have also spent 5 years training to 4th Dan level in martial arts kickboxing. In conclusion I believe that I have the skills necessary to complete a course at University and I am determined to do my best.

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This personal statement was written by rudegyaljas for application in 2008.

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right.... so ive changed and changed my personal statement and this is what my final draft looks like, i have one much more in depth but my tutor edited it into this.
just to give an insight to my choices ive so far picked Kings college, City university, and Brunnel!
please comment


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this is a good start.. but you talk about business so much that it sounds as if thats the course your applying for, not law.

majority of statement is well

majority of statement is well-written, however, while the initial reference to pyschological aspects of law shows good knowledge of political effect, the tangent in regards to Bowlby's MDH theory seems somewhat irrelevant to the mentioned chosen course.on the whole - good. =)

I think you should apply to

I think you should apply to UCL!

confusing :(

confusing :(

why do you think i should

why do you think i should apply to UCL??

the content is good, u have

the content is good, u have brought alot of ur experience from psychology and work, but i think it sounds too conversational in parts and doesnt flow. gd luck x x x

In all honesty I had trouble

In all honesty I had trouble reading it...because apparently you do not even know how to use paragraphs. Disappointing.

Sounds boring you should have

Sounds boring you should have included more details how you will acheive your goals.

paragraphs were used

paragraphs were used unfortunatley wen u apply on UCAS they push everything together on ur application... U WILL understand wen u apply. THANKS

p.s: got offers from brunel (in top 20 for law)

Why talk about developmental

Why talk about developmental pyschology when you r applyin for law?
wasting time if u ask me, i like the rest tho ;)

I think it's good, definitely

I think it's good, definitely. However, I'm not 100% sure why you are talking about Bowlby. I study psychology too and have learned about both his theory and MDH. Still, I don't know why you have mentioned it. You're applying for a law degree at the end of the day :)

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