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I've always loved being challenged, speaking with others and seeing how their viewpoints are formed. I enjoy speaking with them and debating points in a respectful manner, I've been told I'm eristic. Many may perceive this a flaw, however as an aspiring lawyer, I always considered it a gift.

My fascination with law arose after recognising the abundance of crimes committed against people purely down to discrimination. Everyone deserves to feel protected in society. The recent Black Lives Matter and violence against women protests proved to me that we are simply living in an unequal society. This only ignited my passion for human rights and helped me realise that law was my destined career path.

Combining Law and French is the ultimate dream of mine, as this will allow me to practise Law internationally as well as continue studying a language I have fallen in love with. French is a melodious language, which I came to love after watching the movie 'The Intouchables' in primary 7. My passion for the language only continued to flourish, and eventually I went on to sit Higher French, which significantly developed my reading, writing and talking skills. I am confident in speaking the language and hope to use this in France one day.

In my senior years at secondary school, I have had the opportunity to develop my skills across several subject areas. After studying Modern Studies for 5 years, I obtained a true passion for the subject. Taking the subject to Advanced Higher has allowed me to obtain a deeper understanding of crime and the law, and why criminals behave the way they do.

Throughout, I have learned about the social, economic and political issues that exist in the world today and the impact these have on our society. Modern Studies has encouraged me to develop my debating skills in class, and form my own justified opinions on topics. This is a skill I know will support me at university. In addition to this, I have selected subjects which utilise my skill set and pique my interest including: History, Politics and RMPS. As a whole, social subjects have allowed me to understand that the world is ever changing and, as humans, we hold responsibilities in order to obtain a civilised society.

This year, I was appointed prefect for my house group. This gave me a sense of responsibility within the school, and I was acquired to take on extra responsibilities which demonstrated my ability to cope with a demanding workload. It also allowed me to develop my confidence, communication and problem solving skills, which are vital traits to have to thrive in a career in law. I enjoyed supporting pupils who have a similar background to me.

I sought out an opportunity to engage in work experience. This was a virtual experience with Browne Jacobson law firm. I was keen to engage in this where I could hear from experienced lawyers and get a real feel for what my day to day life as a lawyer would be like. This was an extremely beneficial experience as I was given an insight into the world of law, and exactly what it takes to be a successful lawyer.

I am actively looking for more experiences like this and I am keen to gather as much information as possible before I begin studying in this area. Outwith school, my part time job as a waitress is demanding, yet exciting job as I am always encountering a diverse range of people. In this job I have developed my time management skills, which would assist me with my legal studies.

I appreciate that Law is a mentally and physically difficult course, however, I believe that I hold the attributes in order to succeed in this course. I have a deep dedication for my studies, which I know will only continue to grow as I go into further education

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